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Ellie Holcomb on How Motherhood Deepened Her Faith in God
Ellie Holcomb performs during the 2014 Dove Awards. Associated Press/Photo by Mark Humphrey
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Ellie Holcomb on How Motherhood Deepened Her Faith in God 

Ellie Holcomb, acclaimed singer and author, credits motherhood with transforming her understanding of life and God’s love. Holcomb, a mother of three and children’s author, has found parenthood profound, pairing each book with original music.

Additionally, her recent projects include a Psalms-based album and an expanded edition of her bestselling devotional, “Fighting Words.” Holcomb, who once toured full-time with her husband’s band, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, reflects on the unique perspective motherhood has brought to her life.

“One of my favorite things about being a mom is that you get to see the world again — through their eyes,” she shared. “Everything feels new and fresh. It’s been so good for me as a grown-up.”

A New Perspective on God’s Love

Motherhood has also deepened her comprehension of God’s love and grace. Holcomb explains, “We are, first and foremost, beloved sons and daughters of the highest God.”

“Being a mom has helped me remember that before I’m even a mom, I’m God’s daughter. He’s going to take such good care of me, and He’s going to take such good care of my kids, too. Man, what a freedom to know: We’re all just God’s kids, trying to make our way back home again. I am grateful for the freedom to be a kid, to mess up.”

Her perspective on parenting mirrors God’s view of His children. She elaborates, “I don’t want you to feel like you have to get everything right all the time. You can come as you are to me, and it’s given me freedom to come as I am into the presence of God,” Holcomb said.

Inspired by the Psalms

The expanded edition of “Fighting Words” includes ten new devotionals featuring Ellie Holcomb’s “lifer verses” absent from the original. The celebrated singer’s album “All of My Days” was inspired by her weekly Instagram posts of Psalms set to music. Fans eagerly encouraged her to record these songs into an album.

“I grew up in the church [and] I didn’t know it was okay to not be okay. And then I started reading David’s story,” Holcomb recounted. “He comes so raw, with his hope, with his joy, then also with his deep sorrow, with his doubts, with his questions. That, for me, has been an invitation to come fully as I am in the presence of God; to get to sing those words now and invite other people to do the same is a joy.”

Holcomb’s music and devotionals act as a lifeline for Christians struggling to memorize Scripture. Moreover, she encourages them to join her in singing. “These are Psalms … that have shaped who I am as a person and that I sing over my kids all the time,” she noted.

For Holcomb, motherhood has been a journey of discovery, adding immense fulfillment to her life and drawing her closer to God. She speaks with a voice that can connect very personally with being a parent toward one’s religious faith. It’s easy to see how through her music and writing, she continues to inspire many.

Motherhood has brought Holcomb a greater awareness of the love of God; it has shown the beauty of looking at everything afresh, to know freedom in coming just as we are into His presence.

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