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Jeremy Lin on Embracing Faith and the Wisdom of Scriptures
NBA player Jeremy Lin of Los Angeles Lakers (Photo: Reuters/Pichi Chuang)
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Jeremy Lin on Embracing Faith and the Wisdom of Scriptures 

Jeremy Lin’s name recalls “Linsanity,” his electrifying 2012 NBA breakout as an unheralded Asian-American star.

However, Lin’s story extends far beyond basketball. His deep Christian faith has been a constant source of strength and inspiration throughout his tumultuous journey.

Born in California to Taiwanese parents, Lin discovered basketball and a deep Christian faith.

Raised in a Christian household, he attended church regularly and developed a strong belief in God.

This spiritual foundation became a pillar of support as he navigated the challenges of his basketball career.

Despite excelling in high school, Lin received no scholarship offers from prestigious college basketball programs.

Undeterred, he joined Harvard University, where he balanced his academic workload with his passion for basketball.

During this period, his faith deepened as he sought guidance and a sense of purpose.

Lin even relies on Scripture as his spiritual anchor during adversity.

“Joshua 1:9 has helped me in tough times,” he said. Lin quoted, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Additionally, this spiritual foundation became a pillar of support as he navigated the challenges of his basketball career.

From “Linsanity” to Philanthropy

Lin’s remarkable NBA breakthrough with the New York Knicks in 2012 ignited a worldwide phenomenon.

“Linsanity” symbolized defying expectations and fueled a sense of pride within the Asian-American community. Yet, amidst the fame, Lin remained grounded in his faith.

“Trying to go through fame and ‘Linsanity; and all these changes with the people I love [is the hardest thing I’ve ever done],” Lin shared. “One of the things I’m proud of is continuing to stand by the people I love the most.”

He consistently credited God for his success and embraced the responsibility of being a positive role model.

Lin achieved NBA success with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Toronto Raptors, winning a championship in 2019.

Despite facing injuries, inconsistent playing time, and public scrutiny, Lin’s faith remained his anchor.

He understood that his value was not solely defined by his performance on the court.

Lin’s faith also inspired him to give back to the community. He launched the “Jeremy Lin Foundation” which supports underprivileged children and young adults.

He focuses on advocating for access to education and resources that empower individuals.

The merging of sports and spirituality

Lin’s vocal faith makes him a beacon for Christian athletes, using his platform to inspire in a fame-centric world.

His unwavering faith defies common pitfalls of success, marking a powerful testament to his character.

Beyond his NBA journey, Lin’s impact extended to the Chinese Basketball Association.

There, he used his influence to advocate for social justice and inspire young players globally.

Amidst the highs and lows of his basketball career, Lin’s faith is a guiding compass, both on and off the court.

It proves transformative, inspiring resilience, humility, and a commitment to serving others.

Beyond basketball, Lin’s legacy exemplifies the potent intersection of sports and spirituality.

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