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Great American Family Offers Faith-Centric Alternative in Entertainment
Photo: Great American Media/Instagram

Great American Family Offers Faith-Centric Alternative in Entertainment 

Amidst entertainment’s ceaseless flow of content from Hollywood studios, one company offers a traditional counterpoint.

Great American Media, led by Bill Abbott, is banking on the enduring appeal of faith, family, and patriotism.

This focus targets a growing audience segment who feel underserved by mainstream entertainment’s edgy, sometimes secular offerings.

In response to this demand, Abbott believes there’s a strong desire for content that celebrates these traditional values.

“There’s this huge center of the country that embraces traditional values,” Abbott, former CEO of Hallmark Channel, asserted in an interview. “We’re focused on serving that audience with relentlessly positive and uplifting content.”

Great American Media operates two platforms: the cable channel Great American Family and the streaming service Great American Pure Flix.

Their programming leans heavily on wholesome dramas, holiday-themed movies, and a strong undercurrent of Christian faith.

This approach starkly contrasts a significant portion of mainstream content, which often features edgy or secular themes.

It offers an alternative for viewers seeking entertainment that reinforces their traditional worldview rather than challenges.

Filling a Perceived Void

Abbott contends mainstream offerings frequently disparage faith while promoting a revisionist view of the family and even American ideals.

In direct contrast, Great American Media aims to provide content that reinforces these traditional values.

The company’s Easter programming exemplifies this mission. Documentaries like “The History of Easter” and the presentation of “The Passion Play” deliver explicitly faith-based content.

Additionally, the film “Just In Time” stars Laura Osnes and is executive-produced by Candace Cameron Bure, beloved by Christian audiences.

Bure’s upcoming mystery series, “The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries,” further underscores Great American Media’s commitment to wholesome, feel-good family entertainment.

This strategy positions Great American Media for viewers seeking affirmation of faith and traditional family structures, serving as a niche player.

It serves as a deliberate counterpoint to the often secular and diverse content dominating the mainstream entertainment market.

A Contrarian Bet

Great American Media’s strategy is undoubtedly niche; however, its success hinges on the existence of a sizable audience craving this specific brand of content.

In an entertainment landscape increasingly driven by diversity and nuanced portrayals of modern life, the company’s resolutely traditional focus might seem like a counterintuitive – even risky – gambit.

However, CEO Bill Abbott is bullish. He cites the enduring popularity of Hallmark Channel’s holiday programming as proof of a strong consumer appetite for content that aligns with their worldview.

“It’s about offering families a reliable destination,” Abbott states, “A place where they can feel comfortable, where their values are reflected back to them.”

While the company’s long-term fortunes are yet to be determined, it has undeniably carved out a distinct place within the entertainment landscape.

The company offers a haven for viewers specifically seeking a wholesome, faith-centered alternative.

Whether this niche is sustainable and can power the company’s growth remains to be seen. Great American Media’s commitment to its mission is unwavering.

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