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“Ordinary Angels” Shows A Heartwarming Blend of Compassion and Faith
Hilary Swank in Ordinary Angels (2023). PHOTO: ALLEN FRASER/LIONSGATE

“Ordinary Angels” Shows A Heartwarming Blend of Compassion and Faith 

Releasing on February 23, “Ordinary Angels” mirrors the Good Samaritan parable in its poignant narrative, promising a touching cinematic experience.

Moreover, it inspires viewers to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Renowned for “Jesus Revolution” and “I Can Only Imagine,” “Kingdom Story” produces this PG-rated film based on a real-life account.

Hillary Swank’s caring hairdresser unites the community, aiding a widower and his critically ill daughter, showcasing compassion during challenging times.

Swank stars as determined hairdresser Sharon Stevens; Alan Ritchson portrays struggling father Ed Schmitt in this compelling film.

The storyline promises a poignant exploration of human connection, faith, and the transformative power of compassion.

Producer Andy Erwin highlights “Ordinary Angels” as a testament to the church’s vital role in fostering community goodness, emphasizing the film’s message.

The storyline intricately weaves the concept of the Good Samaritan, emphasizing the unexpected heroism found in ordinary individuals.

“Her being this unlikely ordinary angel, in this kind of Good Samaritan story, is powerful,” Erwin said.

“I think it just reminds the church that the way that we reach the lost is how we treat the people in need. And a lot of times those people are right outside the front doors of our church. And so it allows the church to be the hero and I think that’s very needed today.”

Unlikely alliances and personal struggles

The narrative unfolds as Sharon and Ed, initially strangers, become unlikely allies in the face of adversity.

Sharon discovers Ed’s daughter’s critical condition, motivating her to aid amid overwhelming debt and generously showcasing her relentless compassion.

Simultaneously, the film explores Sharon’s personal struggles, including her battle with alcohol addiction and strained relationship with her adult son.

The inspiration for “Ordinary Angels” originated from a compelling true story that captured the attention of singer Dave Matthews.

“Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band fell in love with this story,” Erwin shared.  

“He saw the true story of it and was like, ‘This has to be a movie.’ And So, he took it to a producer, Jon Berg, who produced the movie Elf, and said ‘we need to make this movie.’ They ended up taking it to Lionsgate and Lionsgate said, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is a great faith story. It needs to come to Kingdom.’ They brought it to us.”

A Commitment to Transformative Storytelling

Tony Young, the chairman of Kingdom Story Company and an elder at Southeast Christian Church, adds authenticity to the project.

His real-life involvement enhances the project’s credibility and resonance.

Erwin highlights the film’s significance by noting, “This movie is special, scoring a remarkable 98 in test screenings twice. It’s the highest-tested film in the history of Lionsgate.”

Evidently, “Ordinary Angels” is a testament to Kingdom Story’s dedication to telling impactful stories based on real-life experiences.

Furthermore, Erwin emphasizes the strength of narratives rooted in truth. He references Revelation 12:11, stating, “They overcame the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony.”

In their latest film, Kingdom Story perseveres in its mission, sharing impactful stories and celebrating the extraordinary within the ordinary.

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