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The Animated Film “JESUS” Introduces Christ’s Story to a New Generation
A "concept image" from the forthcoming animated version of the classic "Jesus." (Image courtesy Jesus Film Project)

The Animated Film “JESUS” Introduces Christ’s Story to a New Generation 

Last week, the Jesus Film Project revealed an ambitious initiative to share Christ’s story with a “new generation.”

This initiative is manifested in a feature-length animated film titled “JESUS.”

Dominic Carola, known for his animated classics, will direct the Christmas 2025 release, a film featuring cutting-edge technology.

He co-directed the 2022 faith-based movie “Being.” Many news releases called the film “groundbreaking.”

Jesus Film Project director, Josh Newell aims to share films, reaching every corner with transformative narratives globally.

Newell’s dedication revolves around the mission to reach diverse audiences worldwide through compelling cinematic narratives.

He said, “We are working towards presenting the true story of Jesus beautifully animated and making His story more accessible to the world.”

“Leaning into a classic artistic approach, we’re combining that with groundbreaking digital innovations to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally resonant portrayal of Jesus’ life like never before.”

Seamlessly, his leadership embraces inclusivity, leveraging film’s power for spiritual impact, fostering connection, and a transformative cinematic experience.

The acclaimed director emphasizes the global youth, highlighting the necessity for a tool crafted by and resonating with this generation.

In addition to these exciting developments, the impact of “JESUS (2025)” extends beyond its cinematic promises.

Dominic Carola, renowned for co-directing the 2022 faith-based movie “Being,” brings his expertise to this groundbreaking animated film.

A news release has hailed the upcoming project as “groundbreaking,” a testament to its potential significance.

Newell sees the film as a potent global tool, connecting with diverse cultures to reach audiences ambitiously.

As the initiative gains momentum, it represents not only a cinematic endeavor but also a transformative tool.

It has the potential to resonate across generations and cultures, ensuring the enduring impact of Christ’s story on a global scale.

Taking Inspiration from Past Interpretations

The 1979 live-action “Jesus Film” directed by Paul Eshelman marked a milestone in sharing the gospel narrative, leaving a lasting impact.

The decision to reimagine the story through animation marks a strategic move to cater to contemporary audiences. It aims to maintain the timeless essence of the message.

Carola expounded on their approach, revealing a blend of classic artistic techniques and groundbreaking digital innovations.

The aim is a visually stunning, emotionally resonant portrayal of Jesus’ life, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the narrative.

Additionally, Carola plans to expand the film’s impact on various platforms, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

This reflects a forward-looking strategy to engage diverse audiences in the emerging Metaverse.

Jen Huff, Paul Eshelman’s daughter, supports the project, reflecting on the impact of the 1979 JESUS film.

Emphasizing millions knew Jesus through the original. The new animated film aims to continue and expand this impactful legacy.

The ambitious goal is to translate the film into 2,000+ languages, ensuring a global reach across traditional and digital platforms.

The “JESUS (2025)” announcement highlights its goal to portray the greatest story authentically, catering to diverse languages and mediums globally.

The project is a testament to the Jesus Film Project’s commitment to innovation, accessibility, and the timeless power of the gospel.

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