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Anne Wilson: “When We Have Faith, We’re the Odd Ones Out”
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Anne Wilson: “When We Have Faith, We’re the Odd Ones Out” 

Acclaimed country singer Anne Wilson isn’t shying away from her roots. However, the rising star’s heart remains true to her faith even as her music expands its reach.

Her latest album, “Rebel,” defies easy categorization. It’s undeniably country, filled with the spirit of pickup trucks and Kentucky bluegrass.

Yet, the messages of faith shine through, making it just as likely to resonate with her established Christian fanbase. According to Wilson, this intentional blend naturally reflects who she is—an artist and a believer.

Her journey is attracting mainstream attention. Wilson recently earned a CMT Music Award nomination and a spot in CMT’s Next Women of Country program. 

These achievements testify to her growing influence within the broader music scene.

Wilson hopes this broader platform will bring her message of faith to those unfamiliar with contemporary Christian music.

The Role of Faith in Mainstream Country

The album title “Rebel” sends a message: In a faith-challenging culture, living by biblical values makes you stand out.

 Reflecting on this, Wilson shares, “When we have faith, we’re the odd ones out…”

This counter-cultural theme resonates with anyone who has felt marginalized for their beliefs.

Wilson shared, “With this record, I felt really called to just preach the gospel point blank, share the truth, it is what it is.”

The singer added, “There are a couple of songs on the record that will be on country radio that maybe don’t specifically talk about God … but it’s like a nod at it. My goal is to get people to hear the song and they want to know more.”

The album doesn’t shy away from directly referencing Christianity. 

Songs like “God and Country” and “Praying Woman” offer glimpses into Wilson’s upbringing. Meanwhile, “Songs About Whiskey” playfully acknowledges country music’s tropes while asserting a Jesus-focused message.

This mix of straightforward and subtly referenced faith allows listeners to engage on multiple levels.

Her bold proclamation of faith in country music prompts intriguing questions for believers in popular culture.

Anne Wilson Bridges the Gap Between Country and Christian Music

Wilson’s background gives her unique credibility in this arena. Growing up in Kentucky steeped her in country music traditions and the rhythms of church life.

This duality shaped her artistry, making her music accessible and transcending the typical divides between “secular” and “sacred” music.

She explained, “I grew up on both genres — Christian and country. My brother would always have country music on in the car, and my mom and dad would always have Christian. So I just grew up with both.”

Wilson continued, “I think it also came from growing up in Kentucky and bluegrass music being like a really big thing. Growing up in Kentucky, there’s always bluegrass music.”

“You’d go to the local county fair, and there’d be the phenomenal bluegrass band playing. So we were steeped in country music growing up there in Kentucky.”

Anne Wilson’s “Rebel” is more than just an album. It’s a case study of faith in mainstream art, offering a fresh take on Christian creativity in today’s world.

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