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Jordan Feliz releases new album, “Say It,” in December

Jordan Feliz releases new album, “Say It,” in December 

The American Christian musician Jordan Feliz is set to release his fourth studio album, “Say It,” on December 18th.

A few days ago, he released “Next to Me,” which is the third single from the upcoming record. The songs “Glorify” and “Wounds” have already seen the light of the day and have performed well on the American charts.

The same is expected of the upcoming album, as its predecessor, “Future,” from 2018 peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart.

The new album was recorded after the singer had suffered several panic attacks. Jordan Feliz and his wife became parents for the second time while he was struggling with being in the spotlight.

“It is like all your dreams kind of get handed to you, but there is really no fulfillment in it, and I realized that it was because everything was out of alignment for me. Nothing was in the right place in my heart or in my mind. I felt like I was letting a lot of people down,” he says.

Jordan Feliz
Jordan Feliz was born in 1989 in California.

“God will heal us”

Following the panic attacks, Jordan Feliz surrendered his anxiety to God and got back to his old self and back into the studio.

“I have worked harder for this record than I have worked for almost anything in my life. With these songs, I want to encourage people to talk more about the beauty and the miracles that God does in our lives when we invite Him into our struggles… This record is all about what God has done in my life,” he says.

The new album is a mix of gospel music, soul and pop and gives a listener a peek into Jordan Feliz’ life. That is, for instance, the case with the song “Wounds.”

“I realized that I had not dealt with an old wound, something that I had been holding on to for a really long time. I am realizing that it is such a common thing to have a really, really deep cut on your heart that people do not want to take to Jesus. It is almost like we feel like God will not love us if we do; but I believe in a God who, when we invite Him into those places, He will heal us,” the singer states.

Jordan Feliz is currently on tour while adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines. You can see his schedule below and buy tickets here.

Oct 20th – Dickinson, ND
Oct 21st – Bismarck, ND
Oct 22nd – Gillette, WY
Oct 23rd – Rapid City, SD
Oct 25th – Idaho Falls, ID
Oct 28th – Cleburne, TX

Jordan Feliz
Jordan Feliz has released three studio albums throughout his career.

14 years in the business

Jordan Feliz is 31 years old and started his musical career in 2006 with the band A Current Affair.

In 2015, he embarked on a solo journey, releasing his debut album, “Beloved,” which became number 22 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart. Several of the singles from that album reached the top two on the charts.

A year later, Jordan Feliz won the New Artist of the Year award at the GMA Dove Awards.

You can listen to Jordan Feliz’ new single, “Next to Me,” below.

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