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Lecrae’s new single for “Church Clothes 4” is Out Now

Lecrae’s new single for “Church Clothes 4” is Out Now 

Lecrae’s fans are celebrating as the work on the fourth and final mixtape “Church Clothes 4” is in full swing. Yesterday, August 8th, Christian Hip-Hop rapper dropped the first single for the record titled “Spread The Opps”. 

The track is available on major digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. 

“Spread The Opps” came out with a stylish black-and-white music video directed by Ray Neutron. 

The meaning of the “Church Clothes Vol. 4” single 

According to Lecrae, this song is about him being rejected by others but still standing his ground. Also, “Spread The Opps” includes talking about the Father and His constant presence by Lecrae’s side: 

I’ve been running for so long from the opposition. Since I was a kid, there were enemies, both physical and spiritual, that were trying to destroy me. I decided to stop running. This song, “Spread The Opps,” is me knowing that even in the valley of death, God is with me. He’s scattering the opposition. 

The track goes beyond mentioning God and His help for Lecrae. Moreover, Christian Hip-Hop rapper refers to the Holy Bible. 

At the very beginning of the first verse, there is a line: “Ain’t no pardons in the garden if you snake me.” Bible students can easily attribute the line to one of the Testaments’ key episodes — The Fall in Genesis 3. Lecrae mentions this chapter in the second verse as well. 

Besides, there is another reference in the second verse relating to Romans 1:16.  

The song impressed Neutron, the music video director. He describes it as a mix of different ideas which organically co-exist with each other: 

“Spread the Opps” feels like equal parts imprecatory psalm, personal excavation, and charitable warning— a final act of diplomacy. I found myself interested in his inner turmoil and specific inflection points on his journey of realization, how these experiences reverberate outside of Lecrae the individual, and their broader implications in society. 

Future of Lecrae’s career 

“Church Clothes 4” is expected to come out in 2023. This mixtape is rather Lecrae’s side project than a part of his regular discography. 

The first record, “Church Clothes Vol. 1” appeared on store shelves in 2012. By that time, the Christian rapper worked on his next album “Gravity” which brought him a Grammy. 

By recording “Church Clothes Vol. 1”, Lecrae had the vision “to demonstrate what it looks like to be authentically hip-hop and a follower of Christ.” The artist released two more volumes of “Church Clothes” since then, and his vision remains unchanged. 

The are no differences between “Church Clothes 4” and previous mixtapes, except that the fourth volume will be the last one. Lecrae shares his thoughts about the project: 

We put that vision together in this project called “Church Clothes”; something for the streets but representing who we are as believers. “Church Clothes” resonated with people, and they connected with it. Some people say it’s my best work to date! We did Vol 1, 2, and 3, and it’s only right that we keep the legacy with Vol.4. “Church Clothes 4is the last one though! 

Back in 2021, when Lecrae announced “Church Clothes 4”, he also said that “Restoration” would be very likely his last full album recorded. “Restoration” came out in 2020 peaking at No. 1 on the US Christian Albums chart and receiving a Grammy award for its song “Sunday Morning”. 

After the upcoming release, Lecrae could finish his recording career and find a new path. Whatever will be, fans will support the artist, as they look forward to the mixtape coming out next year. 

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