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Pro-Life Film “Lifemark” Resonates Globally, Championing Family & Life
Photo courtesy: ©Fathom, used with permission.

Pro-Life Film “Lifemark” Resonates Globally, Championing Family & Life 

A powerful pro-life film, “Lifemark,” has surged into Netflix’s global Top 10, soaring to No. 1 in multiple countries. Two years post-theatrical release, this feat shows a strong global appetite for stories championing life and family.

“Lifemark” (PG-13) ranked No. 8 among English films worldwide for the week of April 28th. Additionally, its impact was particularly powerful in Latin America, reaching No. 1 in Argentina, Venezuela, and Uruguay. Known as “Marca de Vida” in those countries, the film garnered an impressive 3.5 million views.

Interestingly, “Lifemark” is not on US Netflix, yet it joined the global Top 10. This demonstrates that the universal appeal of faith-affirming content transcends platforms. Currently, U.S. viewers can find “Lifemark” on Great American Pure Flix or rent/purchase it through other platforms.

This heartwarming film follows David, a teenage boy whose birth mother unexpectedly reaches out on his 18th birthday. Supported by his loving adoptive parents, David embarks on a journey to meet her and uncovers his own remarkable origins.

“Lifemark” Inspires Adoption Support

“Lifemark,” from the Kendrick Brothers, renowned for hits like “Overcomer” and “War Room,” powerfully explores adoption and life’s sanctity. Their next film, “The Forge,” is set for an August theatrical release.

“God is not finished with LIFEMARK!” the Kendrick Brothers declared on social media, celebrating the film’s global impact. The film’s producers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, along with director Kevin Peeples, crafted this story starring Kirk Cameron. Meanwhile, Raphael Ruggero portrays David.

Stephen Kendrick describes “Lifemark” as “a family-friendly movie promoting the value of life in the womb.” He emphasizes its life-affirming messages about adoption and abortion.

“We’re hoping it will not only save a lot of lives, but also inspire believers to support adoption within their communities,” Stephen Kendrick said. Stephen Kendrick explained their desire for the film to extend beyond awareness. He hopes the film inspires adoption support, including fostering and financial aid for families.

“Lifemark” isn’t just a box office success; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its global popularity underscores a universal longing for content reflecting timeless values.

Moreover, the film underscores family, forgiveness, and the enduring significance of every human life from conception onward, highlighting their transformative power.

A Film That Challenges Hollywood Norms

“Lifemark’s” international triumph is a testament to the enduring appeal of faith-based storytelling. In an industry often focused on cynicism or morally ambiguous narratives, this film dares to go against the grain. Instead, it offers hope, reminding us that life is a precious gift.

Stephen Kendrick’s words to Crosswalk Headlines highlight the film’s broader mission: translating values into action. They inspire viewers to move from passive support for life to active participation in their communities.

“Lifemark’s” message resonates because it speaks to core human needs – the need for belonging, meaning, and a love transcending circumstances.

Given its overwhelming global reception, will American audiences see “Lifemark” added to Netflix soon? While currently unavailable on the platform, its widespread success may signal a future release, further amplifying its message. Ultimately, this film, rooted in love, sacrifice, and hope, reminds us of its boundless appeal to an eager audience.

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