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Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan “All In” with God After Baptism
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Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan “All In” with God After Baptism 

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan opened up about his recommitment to Christ in a recent 700 Club interview. He publicly marked this journey with a baptism last December.

“It’s a major pivot point,” Hogan declared, emphasizing his full surrender to God. He credits his faith with second chances and valuable lessons. “Believing in Jesus Christ just seems like such an easy choice for everyone, if you’ll just surrender and accept him as your Savior.”

Hogan described the transformative power of living a Christ-centered life. “That’s God’s presence in us,” he explains. “What Terry brings to the table is a meat suit… a meat suit filled with the Spirit of Christ… it’s a testing ground for me.”

The wrestling legend, known for his physicality, now openly wrestles with the spiritual battleground within himself and recognizes the potential for growth through faith.

A Winding Spiritual Path

While baptized at age 14, Hogan admits to straying from his faith: “I derailed,” he confessed. However, his recent return is marked by newfound determination. 

“[Christ] has given me the opportunity to prove that I’m faithful, and I’ll never make those same mistakes again,” Hogan said. “Going back to my faith, the momentum was overwhelming. There was nothing stopping me.”

Wrestling became Hogan’s all-consuming world, where the lines between the “Hulkster” persona and Terry Bollea often blurred. 

Looking back, he recognizes how fame, adulation, and lifestyle chipped away at his early foundation of faith. Still, the seeds of Christianity remained dormant within him, waiting for the right season to sprout again.

A Public Display of Faith

Last December, Hogan and his wife, Sky Daily Hogan, were baptized at Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Largo, Florida. Pastor Aaron Filippone, the church’s lead pastor, shared his perspective on the event. 

He said, “This is the way that Christians go public in their faith, and I felt it important to do what Christians do.”

Filippone praised Hogan’s faith on TV, calling him honored to be his pastor. He shared that he was “Excited about what God is doing in his life.”

Hogan’s baptism became a news item that both secular and Christian media outlets picked up. His willingness to be vulnerable and share past failures and renewed commitment resonated with his fans. 

The “Hulkamania” champion now advocates for a greater force—the overwhelming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Balancing Wrestling & Witness

Hogan addressed the challenges of navigating his wrestling persona and his faith. “The moment I walk out the front door, the world doesn’t want Terry,” he said, “just the Hulk.” 

He parallels those who claim Christianity without truly embracing its core tenets. Hogan explained, “It’s like people [who] say they’re a Christian… but they really don’t know him.” 

Unlike wrestling rivalries, Hogan’s primary fight became internal, aligning his public image with the man he’s becoming through Christ.

The wrestling world thrives on spectacle, larger-than-life personalities, manufactured drama, and conflict. 

Hogan openly admits that within this “crazy genre,” his faith demands unwavering attention. The constant tug-of-war between the crowd’s thunderous applause and the gentle whisper of God’s voice is a battle he wages without respite.

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