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Scripture-based movies translated into 1,000 languages

Scripture-based movies translated into 1,000 languages 

Since 2014, Bible Media Group and Faith Comes by Hearing have released the movies “The Gospel of John,” “The Gospel of Mark,” “The Gospel of Luke” and “The Gospel of Matthew” and since then, the Biblical films have been translated into no less than 1,000 languages.

What makes the four films special is that they only use word-for-word text from the scripture for the movies’ scripts and dialogues.

The original movies were released in English in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively. The 1,000th language that they were translated into was Senga – a language that is mainly spoken in Zambia and Mozambique.

“Over ten years ago, I dreamt of producing a filmed version of the gospels that would be accessible and transformative for people throughout the world by the simple expedient of using the Bible translations as the soundtrack so everyone can see and hear the gospels in their mother tongue. I dreamt that we could reach 1,000 languages – with a lot of help and a lot of faith, and in God’s good time we have achieved that goal – I am overwhelmed with joy,” Hannah Leader, the producer of the movies said.

Created to transform the way people engage with and study the life of Jesus

The four Biblical movies are part of the LUMO Project, which describes itself as “a groundbreaking, multi-language Biblical resource that was created to transform the way in which people engage, discover and study the life of Jesus through the gospels and to resource ministries seeking to promote global biblical literacy.”

“We believe what we do is by the kingdom for the kingdom. We know that to accomplish our mission and vision, we need to walk side by side with like-minded ministries. We would not have been able to fulfill Hannah’s dream without our partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing. It is through this amazing partnership that millions of people can engage with scripture by watching God’s word unfold in their own language,” Tessie DeVore, president of Bible Media Group, explained.

One of Christianity’s greatest leaders                               

The four movies have previously been available on Netflix but are now up for streaming on Amazon Prime instead.

The two streaming platforms are home to many Biblical movies.

Another one is “Paul, Apostle of Christ” from 2018, which can be found on Netflix.

The movie tells the story of Paul the Apostle who taught the gospel of Jesus to the first-century world and established multiple Christian communities in Europe and south-western Asia.

Paul the Apostle was known as a persecutor of Christians until he himself converted to Christianity.  

Later on, Paul became one of the main figures in the creation of the early church before being executed by Emperor Nero in Rome.

Parts of the movie take place in the Roman prison Paul was sent to before his death.

Emperor Nero decided to imprison Paul, as he was a strong Christian leader and that was a threat to Nero’s Roman Empire.

There were also allegations that Paul had burned down half of Rome.

Emperor Nero sentenced him to death, but before Paul’s execution, Luke the Evangelist sneaked into the prison and wrote a book about how Paul went from being a persecutor of Christ to being one of Christianity’s greatest leaders.

That book led to the birth of the church.

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