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Tasha Layton and her Journey from Pop to a Career in Christian Music
Photo from Tasha Layton’s Instagram
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Tasha Layton and her Journey from Pop to a Career in Christian Music 

Tasha Layton, known for her Gospel-themed tunes, has a unique journey to faith-based music. At 41, Layton’s journey from Katy Perry backup singer to Christian artist shows the power of trusting God completely.

“Before I entered music to do my own music, there were a lot of years that I wasn’t sure how God was going to work it out,” Layton told CBN News. “I didn’t understand why I was taking this path, or going in this direction, or how He was going to work it all together for His good.”

Tasha Layton now sees that the Lord was weaving together a beautiful story, something she didn’t understand at the time. Moreover, she encourages others to trust the Lord, knowing He will carve the way if you surrender to Him.

Trusting God remains crucial for Layton as she navigates the Christian music industry, which poses unique challenges. “It’s easy to get burned out,” she said. “It’s easy to let someone else try to tell you who you are. So, it’s that continual lesson of trust.”

Tasha Layton: “I wanted to connect people to God with my music”

This lesson came after Layton spent years touring the world with Perry. She had the chance to embark on a secular music career but felt called to do something different.

“I was offered a deal on the secular side, and I felt so firmly that it wasn’t what I was called to do,” she said. “There were compromises in that world. I wanted to connect people to God with my music, with my actions, with my team, with my integrity—and I didn’t feel like I could fully do that with freedom, going that route.”

Layton said it was an “easy decision” to turn down that offer and pursue Christian music instead—something she had prayed and dreamed about as a teenager.

“The cool famous venues, the cool private plane thing—I’d already done all that,” Layton said. “And there’s a reason Paul says, ‘You can gain the world and lose your soul.'”

Standing in Fulfillment of Prayers

Full-time ministry was always Layton’s goal. Therefore, though it seemed tough to reject secular fame, doing so led her into God’s will. “I’m so fulfilled,” she said. “I’m standing in the fulfillment of prayers.”

Today, Layton makes Christian music and shares her inspiring story. Her journey proves it’s never too late to walk into the Lord’s calling on your life. “I didn’t even start walking in what I really felt called to do till I was 35 or 36,” she said. “So, I’m a late bloomer.”

Layton continues to trust God to guide her in the Christian music industry, where she strives to connect people to God through her music and actions. Additionally, her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of trusting God’s plan and timing. Consequently, by surrendering to His will, Layton has found fulfillment and purpose in her music career.

“You got to stay prayed up,” Layton told fans the year her movie was released. “God bless you.”

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