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Hollywood Stars Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Feel God’s Power Amid Loss
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Hollywood Stars Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Feel God’s Power Amid Loss 

Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega, well-known Hollywood actors, have captivated audiences with their performances in movies and TV shows. Beyond their entertainment careers, they openly share their Christian faith, inspiring millions to deepen their relationship with God.

Recently, the PenaVegas co-starred in the Great American Pure Flix film, “Mr. Manhattan,” which premiered on May 23. The movie tells a heartwarming story about finding joy after grief and giving God control over every aspect of life.

Carlos and Alexa candidly discussed the film’s themes and their grief after losing their stillborn fourth child, Indy. Carlos and Alexa, parents of three, shared their heartbreaking news, expressing profound reliance on God amid their sorrow.

“It has been a painful journey,” they said in an April announcement. “But, in the pain, we have found peace.”

Trusting God despite the immense grief

Alexa discussed believers’ challenges with CBN News, reflecting on her experiences and the themes in “Mr. Manhattan.”

“The Christian walk isn’t easy,” she explained, noting that some falsely believe life becomes easy after accepting Jesus. The reality, she emphasized, is quite different.

“It’s really hard, and you are going to be wrestling with God a lot throughout your journey,” she said. “It is the most fulfilling walk you’ll ever take, and it’s also the most peaceful walk that you’ll ever take.”

Reflecting on their loss, Alexa shared how the family has been tested but continues to rely on God’s love.

“We’re walking through grief right now after losing our daughter,” she said. “And that was the hardest thing we have ever had to experience—ever. But, what’s awesome about our God is, He truly met us between this place of pain and peace, and He really spoke to us.”

Carlos PenaVega: “Too many people see God as transactional instead of relational”

Alexa further described how the couple uses “pain with purpose” to show God transforming painful experiences into meaningful testimonies.

“We’ve been saying the slogan for this season really feels like ‘pain with purpose,’” Alexa said. “It’s interesting how God will make any painful experience that you have gone through… He brings purpose to all the painful things in your life and He turns them into testimonies.”

Despite their grief, Alexa believes this experience has deepened their relationship with God. “We have been able to get to know God on a level that we didn’t even know we were capable of,” she said.

In addition to discussing their personal journey, Carlos and Alexa shared their hopes for the spiritual impact of “Mr. Manhattan.”

Carlos highlighted a common misconception about God.

“Too many people see God as transactional instead of relational,” he said. “I think that’s the biggest takeaway for sure. Everybody deals with that in life. It’s like, ‘Well, God, I did this. Why did you do this to me?’ or ‘I did this, you know, but why this?’ And that’s not how God works.”

The PenaVegas hope the film shows that God’s relationship with us is about deep, personal connection, not transactions.

Evidently, Carlos and Alexa PenaVega’s experience of loss and faith is a testament to the transformative power of God’s love. Their story inspires others to embrace faith, emphasizing the importance of trusting God and finding purpose in every experience.

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