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Roma Downey’s “The Baxters” – Faith in the Face of Hardship
Ms Downey is best known for her starring role in the US television show "Touched by an Angel"
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Roma Downey’s “The Baxters” – Faith in the Face of Hardship 

Emmy-nominated actress Roma Downey returns with a new faith-based series, “The Baxters.” But Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) dislikes sugarcoating life’s hardships.

She hints that the past faith-focused projects often portrayed believers as exempted from life’s grit.

“‘The Baxters’ won’t shy away from addiction, grief, or the messy stuff,” she promises. “Faith isn’t a superpower. But when we stumble, we pray – and more importantly, we help each other back up.”

“The Baxters” debuts March 28th on Prime Video, following a sprawling family facing life’s challenges.

Downey promises relatable characters and addictive “hope opera” vibes perfect for the Easter season.

Yet she’s pragmatic, admitting grassroots support made “Touched by an Angel” succeed and urging viewers to spread the word.

Downey brings a mother’s heart to her role as matriarch Elizabeth Baxter. Strong and compassionate, she’s a “prayer warrior” even in tough times.

Roma Downey: “Christian audiences deserve excellence”

The show boldly depicts a church-going family that prays together, something Downey acknowledges is rare in mainstream entertainment.

While mainly for Christians, “The Baxters” welcomes all, filling a niche with its earnest portrayal of faith.

Downey sees Hollywood recognizing the marketability of faith content. “There’s money to be made,” she says bluntly.

However, the fundamental shift is in improved quality. “Christian audiences deserve excellence,” she insists, “and they’re finally getting it.”

Still, “The Baxters” likely won’t appeal to fans of gritty antiheroes. Its draw lies in familiar tropes – triumph, prayer, family.

Downey’s a savvy faith-entertainment player, but her earnestness is disarming. Success rests on her star power and promotion as much as the show itself.

A Faith-Focused Niche in a Changing Landscape

“The Baxters” debuts at a turning point for contemporary Christian media.

For decades, faith-based films languished in a niche market, plagued by low production values and predictable storylines.

Mega-church pastor Joel Osteen’s 2016 TV venture, “Osteen,” exemplified this trend, attracting large audiences but drawing criticism for its shallow celebration of celebrity.

Yet, a new wave of Christian media is surging, characterized by higher production quality and a willingness to grapple with complex issues.

The Kendrick Brothers’ blockbuster “War Room” (2015) confronted marital struggles through the lens of prayer.

Meanwhile, the Mark Burnett-produced series “The Bible” (2013) showcased a hefty budget and an A-list cast.

These projects achieved mainstream success, revealing an appetite for well-crafted content that resonates with faith-based values.

Aiming to Achieve Mainstream Crossover Success

“The Baxters” carves out a space within the evolving landscape of faith-based media. It offers a familiar narrative structure – the trials and triumphs of a multi-generational family – infused with a strong undercurrent of faith.

Will it achieve the crossover success of “War Room”? Time will tell. But Downey’s star power and the show’s relatable themes suggest it has the potential to reach a broad audience.

Reviews for “The Baxters” haven’t been released yet, but Downey likely anticipates a mixed bag. Critics seeking nuanced explorations of faith may find the show overly sentimental. However, viewers seeking a heartwarming family drama with a strong spiritual message are likely to enjoy it.

Ultimately, the success of “The Baxters” will shape Hollywood’s willingness to invest in high-quality, faith-based entertainment.

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