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Actress Cozi Zuehlsdorff: “Serving Jesus is the only priority I have”
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Actress Cozi Zuehlsdorff: “Serving Jesus is the only priority I have” 

Actress and singer Cozi Zuehlsdorff, known for “Dolphin Tale,” reveals how her steadfast faith has guided her through life’s trials.

Zuehlsdorff, who portrays hospice nurse Janey Richards in “Going Home,” considers her faith to be the essence of her existence.

The actress has established herself in family-centric projects such as “Mighty Med” (2013–2015) and “Freaky Friday” (2018).

In her latest role in Going Home, Zuehlsdorff portrays Janey Richards as a hospice nurse who brings hope and healing to patients and families.

Season 2 of the faith-based series explores Janey’s romantic journey, adding a layer of depth to Zuehlsdorff’s character.

Zuehlsdorff’s profound faith has been a central theme in her public discussions. Reflecting on the challenges of 2023 in a December 31 Instagram post, she attributed her survival to the goodness of Jesus.

“I’m known for being pretty transparent about my faith online, and I do it because that’s the whole point,” said the actress.

“If you don’t look at my page or look at my person and see Jesus, then I failed. The whole point is to be a light and to not force that on anyone, but just live authentically as a child of God.”

Drawing Strength from Christ

In an interview, Zuehlsdorff expressed the significance of her faith, stating, “My faith is my reason for being. Jesus and serving Him and following His plan for my life is the only priority I have.”

She sees her role in Going Home as a divine alignment with her innate desire to connect with older individuals.

The series, revolving around hospice nurses bringing hope, resonated with Zuehlsdorff’s genuine affinity for the elderly.

“Going Home” creator Dan Merchant revealed that the inspiration for the series struck him during the pandemic.

He acknowledged hospice nurses’ incredible impact on individuals facing life-altering moments and aimed to capture these transformative experiences.

According to Merchant, the series has prompted viewers to reevaluate their lives, encouraging them not to postpone crucial conversations or resolutions.

Zuehlsdorff shared, “When I was a child, I gravitated so strongly toward older people, toward people that were my grandparents’ age. But my mom was convinced that I would be a hospice care worker when I was older or that I would work in a senior living facility. And I loved that idea.”

He added, “My life took a little bit of a different turn. But it felt very meant-to-be when I was approached about this material. It felt so resonant with who I am as a person outside of acting and the roles that I play.”

Zuehlsdorff’s journey, both on and off the screen, exemplifies a harmonious blend of faith and career.

As she navigates the complexities of life, Zuehlsdorff remains steadfast in her mission to be a beacon of light.

She chooses to reflect Jesus, embodying the essence of the “whole point” of living according to her faith.

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