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Chrissy Metz’s Journey of Faith Sustained by Prayer and Purpose
Photo from Chrissy Metz’s Instagram
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Chrissy Metz’s Journey of Faith Sustained by Prayer and Purpose 

Chrissy Metz credits her faith and relationship with God for sustaining her through life’s challenges, including her role in “This Is Us.” Reflecting on her childhood, Metz recounts how prayer was a lifeline during difficult times.

“I’ve been praying the whole time,” Metz shared with The Christian Post. “Ever since my grandmother and I went to church together when I was a kid because I didn’t know what to do.”

Metz’s upbringing included a complex relationship with her stepfather, which she navigated through constant prayer. “I had a pretty interesting relationship with my stepfather that was very difficult,” she recalled. “And I would pray all the time about that and to understand him, but also go, ‘Why do I have to be in this situation?’”

Metz’s early practice of talking to God guided her as she rose to fame on NBC’s “This Is Us.” The show ended in May 2022 and earned Metz nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

A Mission to Inspire Through Storytelling

Chrissy Metz relocated to Los Angeles at age 20, and she attributes her success to God. Prayer has been a consistent source of strength and insight for her throughout her career. Metz’s objective changed from becoming a popular TV personality to an incredibly poignant storyteller. 

She co-wrote the children’s book “When I Talk to God, I Talk About You” with Bradley Collins because of her sincere desire. The book emphasizes God’s constancy and invites kids to pray. 

Additionally, the pair published the lullaby album “Pray for This Day,” which included songs sung by Metz. Metz has experience teaching young children, so she is aware of the power of music. For Metz and Collins, the writing process for the book and record turned out to be therapeutic.

Chrissy Metz: “Everyone is deserving of a relationship with Him”

Metz and Collins, who have been dating since 2020, shared how prayer impacts their relationship. “It’s sort of become second nature,” Metz said. “Prayer seems like a very individualized idea, but there’s something beautiful about collective consciousness geared toward a Higher Power that really can turn the tide.”

Metz acknowledges the negative connotations sometimes associated with prayer. A 2021 Pew Research Center study found fewer than half of American adults pray daily. In 2023, a study revealed a minority of parents stress passing their faith to the next generation.

“I think it can be intimidating and that people don’t feel deserving of it,” Metz said. “We have this idea that we don’t want to ask for help or that we’re not deserving of help. But everyone is deserving of a relationship with Him.”

Metz uses her platform to elevate stories that matter and provide comfort to a hurting world. Her new book and album are part of that mission.

“I pray that it reaches and touches people that need it the most,” Metz said. “All that matters is how we treat people. The prayer would be to surround the project and our intention behind it, which is to impart love and joy to people.”

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