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Kathie Lee Gifford: “God doesn’t judge us; He made us and loves us”
Kathie Lee Gifford / Fadil Berisha
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Kathie Lee Gifford: “God doesn’t judge us; He made us and loves us” 

Kathie Lee Gifford openly shares how her Christian faith guides every aspect of her life and career. Additionally, Gifford’s faith has been a constant presence from “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” to the “Today” show. However, she candidly admits she has a “problem with religion.”

“I’m not a fan of it,” the 70-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress told The Christian Post. “I believe religion puts people in chains, and faith in the living God is what redeems us from the chains.”

Moreover, she elaborated, “Following Jesus gives us the roadmap for how to be loving, how to be kind, how to be everything Paul talked about. Love is patient, love is kind, love never wants its own way.”

From Childhood Prayers to Hollywood Inspiration

Gifford’s deep faith is evident as she discusses the essence of Christianity. “The Church, to me, has never been a building,” she said. “The word is ‘ecclesia’ in Greek, and it means ‘movement,’ a movement of God.”

Furthermore, she believes this movement can occur anywhere, not just within church walls. “It can happen in a building on a Sunday morning, in a synagogue on a Saturday morning, or when you’re walking in the park,” she explained. “The Bible says in Him we live and move and have our very being. That’s thrilling to me.”

Transitioning to Gifford’s professional endeavors, her passion for bringing the Bible to life in a secular culture led her to join Amazon’s “The Baxters.” This series, based on Karen Kingsbury’s books, follows the Baxter family as they navigate life’s ups and downs with and without God. Additionally, the drama tackles themes like addiction, infidelity, and divorce, framed within a narrative of redemption and faith.

The Baxters Cast Shares Hope, Faith, and the Power of Storytelling

“The Baxters addresses difficult topics with honesty and sensitivity,” Gifford said. “I hope it sparks conversations about faith, forgiveness, and redemption.” Moreover, she added, “The challenge for ‘The Baxters’ is to make it relevant to people that are broke and never had a family that loved them. ‘The Baxters’ can help them see what it actually looks like.

Reflecting on the significance of narratives like those in “The Baxters,” Cassidy Gifford emphasized the universal experience of brokenness. “It’s so needed; we’re all so broken, no matter who we are,” she said. “I really think people are desperate to hear these stories. You resonate with something because you see yourself in it.”

Additionally, Cassidy Gifford offered hope to young people struggling with mental health issues. “There is always hope, even when you feel like you’re at rock bottom,” she said. Similarly, Karen Kingsbury, author of “The Baxters,” views herself as an evangelist through storytelling. “When Jesus wanted to touch your heart, He told a story,” she explained.

Concluding with Gifford’s perspective on faith, she highlights the authenticity of the Baxter family’s journey. “Sometimes we care too much about others’ opinions and not enough about God’s,” she said. Ultimately, Gifford’s vibrant, evolving faith journey goes beyond organized religion. “If your life as a believer is boring, you’re reading the wrong Scriptures,” she remarked.

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