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LIMA winners of 2019: Where are they today?
For the first time ever, LIMA was streamed online in 2019.
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LIMA winners of 2019: Where are they today? 

It has already been half a year since the latest edition of LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) took place and was broadcasted live to the rest of the world for the first time.

The LIMA Awards, which originates in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s LoveWorld Music Ministry (LMAM), celebrates music, dance, spoken words and various other art forms.

At 2019’s award show, 28 prizes were handed out, and here, we will take a look at how some of them are doing today.


The gospel singer and songwriter took home one of the most prestigious awards of 2019 by winning the Song of the Year Award with her hit “Overflow.”

Since her win, she has had much on her plate. In March, she received a gold plague from YouTube for reaching more than 1 million subscribers on the platform. Sinach made history with this gold plaque, as she is the first Nigerian gospel artist to achieve such an award.

Later in March, she released a new song and music video on the occasion of her 47th birthday. The song is called “All Things Are Ready” and already has close to half a million views on YouTube.

Recently she performed during some of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Your LoveWorld prayers, and on October 18th, Sinach is celebrating her 30 years in the music industry with an anniversary concert.

Sinach singing “Prevailed in You” during Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Prayer Day.

Israel Strong

The gospel star’s tune “Never Go Down” was on the list of the Best Songs of 2019. Since then, he has released a new song called “My Way.”

In the past as well as now, Israel Strong has proved to be a strong supporter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, praising him on social media. He has also voiced his opinion about the Coronavirus, which has claimed more than 200,000 lives worldwide.

Rita Soul

The LIMA Awards 2019 was a big night for Rita Soul. Her songs “Jesus” and “Dance in Holy Ghost” were among the Best Songs of 2019, and she also got the Songwriter of the Year award.

During the past months, Rita Soul has released the new song “Your Word,” and she has been ministering at The Healing School’s Online Prayer Conference. Furthermore, Rita Soul has been taking part in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s weeks of fasting and praying this April.

Joe Praize

At the award show, Joe Praize won the prize for Hit Song of the Year for his “Joy Overflow.”

In February 2020, he released his newest single, “Done Me Well,” and he, too, has shown a lot of support for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on various platforms.


Samsong won the Best Video of the Year award for “E Dey Work,” but has not released any new songs since LIMA.

He is very active on Twitter, where he often posts Bible verses.

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