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Jen Lilley’s Faith Journey Embraces Empathy and Unconditional Love
Courtesy: Getty Images/Vivian Killilea Jen Lilley
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Jen Lilley’s Faith Journey Embraces Empathy and Unconditional Love 

Actress Jen Lilley shares a profound journey in an interview, delving into her roles in “Great American Family” and “Hallmark Channel movies.”

These days, Lilley is currently starring in “A Paris Christmas Waltz” and is known for her rich cinematic history.

She shared how adopting children deepened her faith and understanding of God’s love.

Jen Lilley, with husband Jason, experienced transformative adoption, welcoming two boys into their family through the foster system.

Lilley expressed adoption as a spiritual journey in her interview, deepening her connection with God beyond a life-changing event.

Moreover, the actress has built a dedicated following within the adoption and foster care community.

She actively supports the Tulsa Girls’ Home, an Oklahoma ministry empowering and supporting teen girls in foster care.

Jen Lilley and her husband, Jason, have personally experienced the transformative power of adoption. They welcomed two boys into their family through the foster system.

In her interview, she expressed that the adoption process has been more than just a life-changing event. It has been a spiritual journey that has deepened her connection with God.

In Romans 11:17, Paul’s metaphor of Gentiles being “grafted” into God’s people inspired Lilley’s profound perspective on faith.

She reflected on a past misconception during her Christian journey, feeling like an adopted child loved less by God.

Lilley added, “I don’t look at my boys any different than I look at my girls. I forget that I didn’t carry them in my body.”

Yet, adopting her two boys brought a transformative revelation about the depth and equality of God’s love.

Jen Lilley: “I am passionate about helping children”

Through the adoption experience, she gained a nuanced understanding of Jesus’ metaphor of being “grafted in.”

She realized that all believers, regardless of background, are equal heirs to Jesus and the Jewish people.

The actress traced her passion for adoption to her upbringing, where her parents regularly welcomed individuals needing support.

This early exposure to empathy planted a compassion seed in Lilley, shaping her commitment to positively impact vulnerable children’s lives.

A book on Charles Page, a 19th-20th century adoption advocate, fueled Lilley’s dedication to adoption and philanthropy.

The book detailed Page’s philanthropic efforts, including founding an orphanage called the Sand Springs Home, which rescued numerous children.

While reading during her busy schedule, Lilley cried and prayed for a compassionate heart inspired by Charles Page’s philanthropy.

The actress expressed her deep passion for ensuring that children in foster care receive the unconditional love they need.

She stated, “These are children who have found themselves in a horrible system that’s completely broken because of somebody else’s choice, because of a choice somebody else made. And so, I’m really passionate about that.”

Lilley’s journey, from cinematic accomplishments to adoption advocacy, clearly reveals the transformative power of faith and empathy.

The unconditional love found in the act of adoption adds to the profound impact on vulnerable children.

Undeniably, her story inspires a profound impact on vulnerable children’s lives through love and compassion.

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