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Danny Gokey Confronts Cultural Lies in New Music
Photo from Danny Gokey’s Instagram
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Danny Gokey Confronts Cultural Lies in New Music 

Danny Gokey, a Grammy-nominated artist, brings his upbeat, hope-filled songs to a new level with his latest album, Sound of Heaven. This album offers uplifting tunes and addresses the deceptive nature of evil. Gokey urges the church to wake up to society’s lies. “Evil is dressing up to fool the people,” Gokey told Crosswalk Headlines.

Sound of Heaven, releasing on July 26, marks Gokey’s fifth studio album. It features a mix of worship, pop, and Latin sounds. The album includes 11 songs, with “I Got You” already on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. Another track, “Makeup,” delves into what Gokey calls “hard truths,” comparing the devil’s deception to cosmetics. The lyrics challenge listeners: “Wake up/I think the devil’s trying to play us/he’s mesmerized us with the makeup/but it’s made up/open your eyes, stop buying all the lies.”

Addressing Cultural Issues Through Music

“Makeup” tackles various hot-button cultural issues without being overly specific. Gokey sings, “We go with the lie because we’re too afraid to speak up when you’re near the ledge. Gravity, it doesn’t change. Your truth won’t change a thing. You’ll find out walking off the edge.” Gokey felt led to write this song to warn the church about the culture’s decline.

“The enemy makes bad things look good,” Gokey said. “If we’re not discerning, paying attention, and reading our Scriptures, we can fall into the bait.” He referenced Proverbs, describing how the harlot tempts with pleasures but warns that such temptations lead to destruction. “Just because something feels good and looks good, we sometimes don’t see the hook that’s destroying us from the inside out. That’s what that song is talking about. Therefore, I wanted to address it because our culture is declining.”

In “Makeup,” Gokey urges Christians to defend God’s Word: “Tell the truth, even if it hurts, because that’s what love would love.” He also warns individuals caught in sin: “Satan won’t tell you how the party ends until you’re too far in.”

Gokey’s Passion for Truth and Healing

Gokey emphasizes the importance of discernment. “Not everything is as it looks or seems,” he said. “There are traps and bait trying to trick us.” Comparing deception to fishing, he explains how bait looks good but hides a hook. This theme is evident in his song “Makeup,” which challenges listeners to recognize and reject societal lies: “Wake up/I think the devil’s trying to play us/he’s mesmerized us with the makeup/but it’s made up/open your eyes, stop buying all the lies.”

Last year, Gokey also addressed cultural issues with his patriotic-themed EP, Brave. “I love my country,” he said, urging Americans to focus on the good in the nation’s history. He compared national healing to a troubled marriage that reconnects by remembering what brought them together.

Sound of Heaven aims to inspire listeners to trust God and discern the truth amidst cultural lies. Gokey’s music encourages believers to stay grounded in Scripture and be wary of deception. “I love this medium because it allows me to share incredible stories,” Gokey told Crosswalk Headlines. “If they’re prayerfully made, we truly believe that God can speak through them.”

Gokey hopes Sound of Heaven will bless listeners’ hearts and inspire them to trust in God’s plan, no matter the trials they face.

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