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Kathy Ireland’s Journey from Teen Rebel to Devoted Follower of Christ
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Kathy Ireland’s Journey from Teen Rebel to Devoted Follower of Christ 

Former supermodel and successful entrepreneur Kathy Ireland recently shared her transformative journey to faith. 

It all began unexpectedly in a Parisian hotel room during a modeling trip when she was just 18. While battling jetlag and boredom, Ireland stumbled upon a Bible her mother had secretly packed.

“Late at night, out of jetlag and boredom, I found my mom had packed a Bible,” Ireland revealed.

Despite being a self-proclaimed “rebellious teenager,” she’d never read the Bible before. Curiosity led her to open Matthew’s Gospel. This marked the start of a profound personal transformation.

In that quiet hotel room, Ireland experienced a life-altering encounter with the divine. 

“I knew that what I was holding in my hands was the truth,” she declared. “There was no one in that room with me telling me, ‘Be this denomination or that denomination.’ It was just, ‘I love Jesus. I want to follow Him.’”

In that moment, Ireland surrendered to Christ, beginning a lifelong faith journey shaping her future beyond imagination.

Kathy Ireland: “The most important relationship in my life is with Jesus”

Ireland’s newfound faith became her guiding light, empowering her to make difficult choices and walk away from unhealthy situations.

“That relationship with Jesus gave me the courage to break free from those wrong paths,” she explained.

Even as her modeling and acting career soared, Ireland’s faith remained a steadfast source of strength and wisdom. 

She credits her relationship with Jesus for her resilience and ability to navigate the challenges and temptations of the industry.

“The most important relationship in my life is with Jesus,” she affirmed in an interview with Fox News. “Without Him, I don’t know where I would be. Certainly not here.”

Ireland’s faith not only grounded her personally but also shaped her approach to business. She founded her company on ethical practices and philanthropy, showcasing faith’s positive impact in the marketplace.

A Slow but Steady Learner

Ireland’s journey to fully understand the Bible and deepen her faith had its challenges. She describes herself as a “slow learner” who took time to grasp the complexities and nuances of Scripture fully.

“I got saved at 18, but I was 44 before I finally read the Bible in its entirety,” she revealed. This revelation was bittersweet, as Ireland felt she had missed out on years of spiritual growth. 

However, she found comfort and hope in Joel 2:25, a verse about God’s ability to restore lost time.

Today, Ireland makes a conscious effort to prioritize her faith in her daily life. She begins each day with dedicated time for prayer and Bible reading. 

“It’s not a duty,” she emphasizes. “It’s a joy. It’s my daily bread and water.” This spiritual nourishment sustains her and guides her decisions, both personally and professionally.

Ireland also emphasizes the importance of putting God first in all aspects of her life. She believes that everything else falls into place when we prioritize our relationship with Him. 

This principle has strengthened her faith and enhanced her relationships with her family and colleagues.

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