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Catherine Lidstone’s Faith Journey Reflects Her Role in “The Chosen”
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Catherine Lidstone’s Faith Journey Reflects Her Role in “The Chosen” 

During a routine hike near her LA home, actress Catherine Lidstone stumbled upon an opportunity that would propel her to fame.

Amid this casual outdoor excursion, she crossed paths with an actor friend. He had recently secured a role in “The Chosen,” a new television series based on the Bible.

While filming “Proven Innocent” for Fox, Lidstone found the prospect of a faith-based project centered around Jesus intriguing.

It aligned seamlessly with her Christian beliefs and offered a promising career opportunity.

Despite the series’ uncertainty and her friend’s caution about its low budget, Lidstone remained undeterred in pursuing the opportunity.

She promptly enlisted her manager to explore the possibility. After an initial setback, Lidstone secured the role of Mary of Bethany, debuting in the show’s third season as “Mary and Martha.”

This role provided her with recurring appearances. It thrust her into pivotal scenes from Scripture, portraying Mary’s intimate moments with Jesus and witnessing Lazarus’ miraculous resurrection.

Witnessing the Show’s profound connection with audiences

A once low-budget pilot, “The Chosen” is now a global hit, known for its authentic portrayal of biblical stories.

Lidstone marvels at “The Chosen’s” success, noting its profound connection with audiences and its impact on hearts.

Yet, “The Chosen” is not Lidstone’s sole foray into faith-based projects.

Lidstone marvels at “The Chosen’s” success, noting its profound connection with audiences and its impact on hearts.

“We’re just amazed at the success that the show has reached,” she shared. “It has, obviously, really reached people’s hearts.”

The film uses Jesus’ story to find hope and family bond, fueling Lidstone’s spiritual projects.

The actress’s faith evolved through divinely guided events, shaping her spiritual journey.

She credits her former agent turned minister for guiding her towards a deeper understanding of faith and spirituality.

Eventually, this guidance led her to immerse herself in a comprehensive study of the Bible.

Consequently, this transformative experience opened her eyes to profound truths within the Scriptures, marking a significant turning point in her life.

Catherine Lidstone: “God wants us to ask Him difficult questions”

For Lidstone, the Bible is more than just a religious text; it is a profound testament to God’s boundless love and humanity’s enduring search for meaning.

“It’s not easy to read. And there’s a lot of questions I think we have as modern people that are very difficult to fight with and wrestle with,” she said.

“But I think that’s part of what God is — He wants you to seek that out through Him. He wants you to ask those questions. He wants you to go through your seasons of doubting Him and come to the end of it, hopefully with, ‘I love You, and I trust You because You first loved me.’”

As Lidstone continues in entertainment, her journey testifies to faith’s transformative power and underscores storytelling’s profound impact on fostering spiritual growth and human connection.

In each role, she’s committed to projects inspiring hope, igniting faith, and illuminating timeless human truths.

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