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“Young David”: Animated Series Instilling Faith and Courage in Kids
Young David / Angel Studios

“Young David”: Animated Series Instilling Faith and Courage in Kids 

The animated series “Young David” breaks ground, focusing on David’s boyhood and instilling biblical values in young hearts.

Ideally, the series aims to teach children that the same God who guided David each day is also guiding them.

Launched in November as a five-part series, the episodes are scheduled monthly for Easter. The series is available for viewing on “Minno” and “Angel Studios” platforms.

Erick Goss, Minno’s CEO and series executive producer, highlights each episode focusing on a specific biblical trait renowned in David’s character.

Essentially, this approach adds depth and purpose to the storytelling.

With a commitment to high-quality storytelling, Goss ensures that each episode focuses on specific biblical traits for which David is renowned.

Notably, he emphasizes the relatability of the animated David to the target audience, aligning the character’s age with that of the children, and fostering a deeper connection.

The inaugural episode, titled “Warrior,” sets the tone for subsequent themes: King, Shepherd, Poet, and Worshiper.

Goss emphasizes that the animated David in the series is roughly the same age as the target audience.

This approach allows children to connect more intimately with the character’s journey of discovering God’s presence in adversity.

For Goss, the series is not just about imparting biblical facts but also about helping children experience God daily.

Getting a sense of an ever-present God

He believes that these episodes offer a unique opportunity for both parents and children to cultivate a sense of hope.

He stated, “I think a lot of people will walk away from these episodes — parents and kids — with a sense of hope that I have a God that actually is present with me no matter what’s happening in my life.”

In essence, the series aims to stimulate children’s imaginations while fostering a deeper understanding of their own faith.

This animated venture serves as a prequel to a full-length animated movie, “David,” scheduled for release in theaters in 2025.

Complementing the series, books based on each episode are available on Minno’s website, enriching the overall experience for children and families.

He shared, “What’s been so exciting for us is we’re actually seeing mainstream animation periodicals give us really great coverage on what they’re seeing, they just look at it as a high-quality product.”

A catalyst for family conversations about God

Filmmakers ensured historical accuracy by consulting with rabbis, aligning the depiction of Jewish traditions on screen with authenticity.

Throughout the series, viewers witness David’s journey of walking with God, attributing every good thing in his life to the divine.

Goss believes that this portrayal can be transformational for children, helping them recognize the parallels in their own lives.

He views the series as a catalyst for family conversations, encouraging parents to discuss God’s significance in daily activities.

In a world filled with various forms of media, “David” stands out as a beacon of faith and courage. It encourages children to embrace these virtues in their own lives.

The series is a testament to the creators’ commitment to raising the bar for quality. It offers the younger generation a compelling and accurate portrayal of biblical narratives.

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