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Ben Fuller’s Path from Drug Addiction to Restoring Faith in Jesus
Ben Fuller
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Ben Fuller’s Path from Drug Addiction to Restoring Faith in Jesus 

CCM artist Ben Fuller’s “Who I Am” hit No. 1 on the 2022 Billboard Christian Airplay Chart, a career-defining achievement.

He now passionately shares a powerful testimony of personal transformation, reflecting on his faith journey.

Despite his current success, Fuller’s life took a drastically different turn just five years ago. He was a country singer in Nashville, lost in the pursuit of fame and fortune, battling addiction to drugs and alcohol.

At the peak of his despair, Fuller found himself drinking 19 beers a night and engaging in substance abuse.

The turning point came when a Nashville-area family, originally from Vermont like Fuller, extended a simple invitation to dinner. It was a gesture that may have saved his life.

Having moved to Nashville for a career in country music, Fuller recalled, “I was singing about all the wrong things and drinking heavily and on drugs — and you name it.”

The family’s invitation to church proved to be the catalyst for his journey to redemption. He accepted without much thought, attending the Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee.

Music, a language he loved, played a pivotal role in his transformative experience at church. “God used the music, and I heard His voice. And He said, ‘I gave you yours. And now you’re gonna sing for Me.’ And so I just gave it all up,” Fuller shared.

Ben Fuller: “I’m giving Him all the credit”

In the course of a 14-year struggle with alcohol and drugs, Ben Fuller’s life underwent a profound transformation in just two months.

He vividly recounted how God intervened, eliminating the taste of alcohol, purging him of his former lifestyle, and reshaping his trajectory.

“He just took the taste of alcohol and the swearing — everything — right out of my mouth. And just cleaned me up,” Fuller shared.

Before this pivotal encounter, Jesus was nothing more than a swear word for Fuller. Raised in Vermont, where Christianity was a rarity, he had never been exposed to the gospel or attended church.

“In Vermont, where only 2 percent identify as Christian, I was unaware of Him. The New England singer explains. “I never attended church or heard the gospel.”

The monumental change in Fuller’s life signifies a newfound purpose and unwavering commitment to his faith.

Transitioning away from songs centered on beer, his music now resonates with themes of light, love, Christ, and redemption.

Expressing gratitude for the transformative journey, Fuller attributes the positive shifts in his career and life to God.

He emphasizes, “I’m giving Him all the credit. I’m giving Him all the honor. And He’s just making this thing happen.”

Looking forward, Ben Fuller is poised to embark on a tour with We Are Messengers and Jonathan Traylor in March.

His remarkable journey stands as a testament to the redemptive power of faith, with his music carrying a profound message of hope, light, and the transformative love of Christ.

Fuller’s story serves as an inspiration, illustrating the profound impact of faith in overcoming struggles and embracing a life guided by spiritual renewal.

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