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Zach Williams’ new album release date revealed

Zach Williams’ new album release date revealed 

A new album by Christian rock artist Zach Williams has the title “A Hundred Highways” and comes out on September 29th

The American musician talked about that in an exclusive interview for CCM Magazine

Right before, on July 29th, Williams dropped a new music video for the song “Heart of God”. The song will be the first single for the upcoming record. 

The artist is optimistic about his album. Williams said he has been working on the record for a year and a half. The musician confessed that this is the first music he is proud of since “Rescue Story”. 

Speaking about the release, Zach says it is a kind of story about all places the musician has visited in his life. That is why the album has such a poetic title. 

Williams also shares his feelings that “A Hundred Hard Ways” is the most mature songwriting record in his music career.  

The album will consist of fifteen brand new songs written by Williams and his co-writers. 

One of them is “Heart of God” written by Zach together with Ethan Hulse, a three-time Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner. Songwriter and Williams’ long-time producer Jonathan Smith also contributed to the song. 

Zach Williams has warm feelings toward the single. He shares in the same interview: 

I’m super excited about it. I love this song. Maybe, it’s one of my favorite songs I’m a part of. 

Tickets for Zach Williams’ upcoming tours are on sale now 

Williams’ schedule is quite busy. Not only is he working hard on his upcoming album but is also traveling across the USA with tours.  

Williams will dedicate the whole of August to performances on different stages, from Gilford, New Hampshire, to Mescalero and Lovington, New Mexico. September 14th will be a start day for Zach Williams Fall 2022 Tour which will last until November 20th

During the fall tour, fans will get a chance to see Ben Fuller, who helped Williams record the new album and left Zach content with the collaboration. 

Between 1st and 17th December, the musician will go on the ‘I don’t want Christmas to End Tour’. As with the fall tour, winter performances will also be remarkable due to the special guest appearance of Ben Fuller. 

Both tours feature an outstanding charity campaign that Williams holds for the first time. The musician partnered with The Salvation Army, a Protestant church and philanthropic organization which addresses the problems of poverty and hunger.  

For every VIP ticket sold on the tour, the charity will send a food box to a family in need. The volume of food in one box is enough for a family of four for an entire week. 

Being on tours, Williams will probably perform “Heart of God” to promote “A Hundred Hard Ways”. Though there could be a chance that fans will hear other songs from the new album too. 

Tickets for both tours and August concerts are on sale now. Visit Zach Williams’ official website to book and learn more about the performances.

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