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Author: Ama Williams


Get ready for LIMA 2018! 

The 2018 International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference proudly presents the  LoveWorld International Music & Arts awards (LIMA). The event is happening this evening! Preparations are well underway, and have been since last night. The spectacular award ceremony will take place at the Loveworld Convocation Arena,…


LoveWorld Ministry Mega Stars 

Since the birth of the Pastor Chris‘s incredible Christ Embassy church, many prominent church figures have emerged from the holy sanctuary. Some of them have gone on to be highly successful spiritual leaders, while some have been busy in other ventures, such as music. These…


Uplifting Music for The Soul 

There are countless ways to rediscover the light. Sometimes, during times of sadness, an uplifting push is all you need. Songs with uplifting and inspiring lyrics and melodies can sometimes completely transform your mood. Hearing the Lord’s soothing voice though music can change the way…

Groundbreaking Gospel Starlets

Groundbreaking Gospel Starlets 

Meet the Women Taking The Nigerian Gospel Industry by Storm. The soulful and inspiring melodies of Nigerian Gospel are an inseparable part of the nation’s culture. The industry has been blossoming in recent years, producing a countless number of sensational stars and amazing fresh voices….