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Best Songs of LIMA 2019 – Lyrical Masters
Best Songs of 2019

Best Songs of LIMA 2019 – Lyrical Masters 

At Good Gospel Playlist we are still buzzing for LIMA 2019. We enjoyed streaming it live on our Facebook page. Watching it live was thrilled by the hottest gospel music performances of the year. The performances lifted our spirits and edified our souls.

The amazing artists who are the best gospel ministers around have penned some of the most relevant worship songs in recent times. We looked at the list of songs that won’ Best Songs of the Year’ and will be looking forward to downloading them on CeTunes and other music sites.

The songs are not just written and composed by talented musicians but by Evangelical Ministers of the Gospel. Their talent is refined and edified by Esteemed Evangelist Kathy Woghiren at the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry. The songs they write are the tunes we use to worship and praise God.

Prince of Peace-Eben

Prince of Peace

‘Best Male Vocalist’-Eben has written and sung some of the best gospel songs.

‘And Lord of all Creator of all things Mighty One The Sovereign God Whose Kingdom never ends.’ The melodious musings of Eben fortify us as we join in with the chorus and praise God.

Are we worthy? We can reflect on the ‘Lamb that was slain.’ The ideas that ‘His Kingdom never ends’ is one to reflect upon.            

Your Presence – Ayo Vincent

Your Presence

When you acknowledge the greatness of God you can internalize these lyrics. ‘You’ve never changed, Forever You’re the same, Alpha and Omega, Miracle worker’ The ongoing glory of God comes through in this song. The simple miracles are meditated upon.

‘Sunshine in the rain, Your word within our veins with our lives we proclaim. You’re the wonder-working father.’ The refrain goes round and round your brain and fills your heart with the presence of God. This a truly marvelous track.

Lights – Pastor Saki


The gentle tunes of the ‘Theme Song of the Year’ will make you smile. The reminder that God is illuminating our paths makes the listener feel warm. This tune of hope and glory turns your mind to God and the journey is beautiful.

‘I am the light I light up the whole world illuminating and innovating I am for signs and seasons I’m empowered to lead.’ Pastor Saki is one of the most innovative Ministers of the Gospel who is sure to help us find our way.

We are shining for the whole world to see.”‘ Like so many of these amazing artists gospel music fans we want to see more.

Listen to this most beautiful and intimate song

Jeannine Zoe – I Pour Out My Love

I Pour Out My Love

Intimate worship song describing the relationship with her and God.’ Pour out my love for you with joy and grace

‘My heart is burning for you I tell the world about you. You are the greatest love of all.’ This is a deeply personal prayer that we can all share.

Jesus – Rita Soul


When you hear, ‘You are the rose of Sharon that blows within my soul Beauty of creation Joy of the world you are the truth in the way of God,’ there is no doubt that Jesus Christ is the one true constant in her life. Listeners can relate and share this message.

What do you think of the ‘Best Songs of the Year’?

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