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Dog the Bounty Hunter: “I know God is absolutely real”
Photo from Duane Chapman Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter: “I know God is absolutely real” 

Duane “Dog” Chapman, the rugged bounty hunter who captured America’s attention with his no-nonsense pursuit of fugitives, embodies action. 

But beneath bravado lies a journey of faith, redemption, and relentless pursuit of God’s purpose, defining Duane “Dog” Chapman.

In his book “Nine Lives and Counting,” Chapman shares his life’s trials and triumphs, delving into faith, hope, and redemption.

He reveals how his Christian faith has shaped his worldview and empowered him to overcome adversity.

In a devout Christian household, Chapman’s upbringing revolved around Bible teachings and the potency of prayer during his early years.

“My mom was a praying woman,” he recalls. “I knew more than most people did, right from wrong, the miracles of God—I knew all that.” 

This foundation of faith would prove invaluable as Chapman navigated the turbulent waters of life.

From Prison to Redemption

In his youth, Chapman veered off the path, caught up in crime, leading to a prison sentence.

“I went to prison in the 70s,” he admits. Incarceration became a turning point for Chapman, prompting him to reassess his choices and pursue a different path in life.

Following his release, Chapman’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination propelled him towards a career in bounty hunting. 

With his iconic mullet and imposing presence, he gained fame by capturing numerous fugitives and delivering them to justice.

His exploits were chronicled in the hit reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, which aired from 2003 to 2012. Consequently, it captivated audiences worldwide with its high-stakes chases and dramatic captures.

However, Chapman’s life was not without its share of pain and heartache. 

Finding Strength in Faith Through Tragedy and a New Beginning

In 2019, his beloved wife, Beth, his constant companion in life and on-screen adventures, tragically lost her battle with cancer. 

The loss devastated Chapman, leaving him grappling with grief and questioning his purpose. Amid his mourning, Chapman found solace and renewed strength in his faith. 

During this challenging time, he met Francie Frane, a woman who shared his Christian values and unwavering belief in God’s plan. 

“My faith has grown ever since Beth passed away,” Chapman shares. “Francie and I walk hand-in-hand in faith.” 

Their shared commitment to Christ has become a cornerstone of their relationship. It provides a foundation for their ministry, which spreads the Gospel and shares redemption testimonies.

Chapman’s unwavering faith shines through in his new book. It delves into his experiences in both the secular world of bounty hunting and the spiritual realm of encountering demonic forces.

He recounts chilling tales of facing evil head-on, witnessing the darkness that lurks in the hearts of men. But even in the face of such darkness, Chapman’s faith remains unshaken. 

“I know God is absolutely real,” he declares. “He has shown me miracles beyond anything I could imagine.”

These miracles, Chapman believes, are not limited to his personal life. He firmly believes that God is at work in the world, guiding and protecting those who seek Him.

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