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“Today” Host Savannah Guthrie Writes About the Enduring Power of Faith

“Today” Host Savannah Guthrie Writes About the Enduring Power of Faith 

Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show, is a familiar face known for her warmth, intelligence, and journalistic skills.

But beyond her professional accomplishments lies a deeply personal story interwoven with faith.

In her recent book, “Mostly What God Does,” Guthrie explores her spiritual journey, offering candid reflections on belief.

Raised in a Baptist family, Guthrie describes faith as an integral part of her childhood.

Church attendance was a regular practice, and she recalls, “God was the sixth member of our family.”

However, her journey hasn’t been without challenges, including the sudden loss of her father at age 16 – a turning point forcing her to grapple with grief and complex questions of faith.

A desire to create a home where God is present

Guthrie’s honesty about the complexities of her faith resonates deeply.

“It’s belief and doubt, joy, and also disappointment and sorrow,” she writes, refusing to paint a picture of unwavering perfection.

Instead, she emphasizes the strength of wrestling with life’s complexities while holding onto a guiding faith.

It’s a sentiment that rings true for many. Belief isn’t about immunity from doubt but about finding solace amidst life’s inevitable questions and hardships.

Balancing her Christian faith with her husband’s Jewish heritage has also presented unique insights.

Guthrie candidly discusses the navigation of interfaith traditions, seeking to honor her beliefs and respect her spouse’s.

“We want our children to feel connected to both sides of their heritage,” she explains. Guthrie emphasizes their desire to create a home where God is present in all its iterations.

Her reflections highlight the beauty and potential challenges of interfaith families.

They showcase the commitment to cultivating an environment where both spiritual traditions are honored and respected.

Savannah Guthrie: “There’s a power in sharing our stories”

Guthrie’s book also delves into the unique challenges inherent in her high-profile career.

Confronted with competing opportunities and struggling to see the path ahead, Guthrie turned inward.

“I prayed about it,” she recalls, “and I felt a sense of calm that guided my decision.”

Savannah Guthrie discovered faith’s power in everyday choices, not just major tragedies.

While she never anticipated writing a faith-centered book, Guthrie was drawn to the subject.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” she explains. “I wanted to share my story, not because I’m a theologian or particularly devout, but because life is messy and hard…and having faith helps.”

Her down-to-earth honesty about her own spiritual journey is precisely what makes her reflections so accessible.

Guthrie’s book invites readers to explore their own spiritual paths – to embrace doubt alongside certainty and find solace amidst life’s inevitable imperfections.

It’s also a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. “There’s a power in sharing our stories,” she reflects.

“It helps us make sense of our own lives and can inspire others along their way.”

Ultimately, Guthrie’s story is one of hope and resilience. It illustrates the enduring power of faith to provide a guiding light through life’s inevitable storms.

As she writes, “It’s all enhanced what I believe…about God.”

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