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Project DIY-Christmas Gifts That You Can Make Together
Make your own Christmas gifts.

Project DIY-Christmas Gifts That You Can Make Together 

Crafting and DIY are so much fun and with so many online tutorials it is easier than ever to make great projects. There is nothing more personal than a gift made for someone.

So we here at Good Gospel Playlist have compiled a list of the equipment you need to make seasonal goodies for friends and family. We are showing you how to make each project step by step.

Christmas tree centerpiece

Table decorations are key to a festive table. This DIY is adaptable, it can be as big or little as you like. It can be glittery or as simple as your taste dictates.

You need, green card, glue stick, glue gun,  plastic spoons, green spray paint, baubles, glitter, and beads.

Glue the paper generously
Scroll the paper into a cone shape
Cut the handles off the plastic spoons
Glue each handle with a glue-gun
Carefully place each spoon next to each other
Build and overlap each spoon carefully so the cone is covered
After you have sprayed your tree stick beads and drape baubles to beautify your tree. Decorate to your taste

Pasta star tree decoration

Whether you have a real pine tree or a faux one the decorations are the thing that makes it unique to you and your family. There are no better decorations than the ones you make together. This pasta star tree decoration is versatile as you can add glitter and sparkles to suit your own taste. These decorations can be colored to suit your own color scheme.

You will need 18 penne pasta pieces per star. You will also need a glue gun, paint, and ribbon.

Glue pairs of penne together
Arrange them in a star shape and glue them together.
To reinforce the star shape glue the remaining pieces of pasta in the middle
Make sure the middle of the star is glued securely
Paint your star
Tie a ribbon to your dry decoration
Hang it on your tree

Gorgeous gifts

If you wrap your gifts yourself the recipient will know how much you care. This simple folding box could contain a multitude of unique and fun objects. The beauty is you can customize it as well as the contents.

You will need a square-shaped stiff card, thin card, glue gun, tape, and decorations.

Cut the stiff card into a cross shape
Cut the thin card into five squares that are smaller than each square in the main box
Before you glue, each square in place put the elastic band in place.
Fill your gift box with treats. When it is full scoop up the sides and secure with tape
Put a lid on the box for extra security
Customize your box and secure it with more tape

There are endless possibilities for this versatile box. You could fill it with art supplies, makeup, spices or toiletries.

Tree or table decorations

Christmas crackers are popular decorations in the United Kingdom. They look beautiful on the tree or the table. When you make it yourself you can add your own jokes or mottos if you like.

You will need, plastic bottles, wrapping paper, double-sided sticky tape, and ribbon

Cut off both ends of the bottle
Cut the bottle open and flatten
Put some double-sided sticky tape on the outside of the plastic
Roll the plastic bottle up into a tube shape and secure with the sticky tape
Fill the tube with the gifts of your choice.
Cover the tube with wrapping paper
Secure each end with a ribbon.

I hope you enjoy making these different crafts and upscale the quality of your giving. Give a gift made with love and have a very Merry Christmas

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