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Security Guards Find Faith at Brandon Lake Concert
Brandon Lake. Photo: PAUL RIVERA
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Security Guards Find Faith at Brandon Lake Concert 

Recently, the acclaimed singer, Brandon Lake, shared a vivid memory he had. During his 2023 tour, he saw arena security guards accept Christ during a “Summer Worship Nights” event with Phil Wickham, which sparked an impromptu celebration.

While it’s not uncommon for faith-based concerts to generate emotional responses, this incident struck Lake as symbolic.

“It’s not just about entertainment,” he says. “We want to see people encounter God.”

Tickets for the 2024 “Summer Worship Nights” tour, again featuring Lake, Wickham, and special guest Hulvey, went on sale this March.

Both Lake and Wickham have stories of unexpected conversions from the previous tour.

Wickham remembers a woman on Instagram who was grateful for his role in her non-Christian husband’s decision to follow Jesus after 20 years.

The tour’s head of security, a “tough military man” according to Wickham, was also saved during the concert series.

“Those are the moments that validate it all,” Wickham says.

“We want people to come to Jesus, to spiritual renewal”

These award-winning stars of the Christian music scene didn’t just click musically – they forged their partnership through a shared mission.

Their 2023 collaboration felt inevitable. But their bond goes deeper than shared musical tastes.

“We want to lead people to Jesus, to spiritual renewal,” Wickham passionately declares.

Admittedly, this might seem intense to secular listeners. But these concerts aren’t designed for a religiously diverse crowd seeking casual entertainment.

Instead, these are faith-centered events meant to ignite a passionate Christian audience. Lake and Wickham’s music explodes with anthems, heartfelt lyrics, and raw testimonies of faith.

It’s “worship music” – a diverse, powerful force within the Christian music industry.

Their tour embraces a bold, evangelical spirit, contrasting with many Christian artists.

Rather than subtle metaphors aimed at wider appeal, Lake and Wickham focus on making a direct spiritual impact.

Consequently, this approach reflects a broader trend within contemporary evangelicalism, where emotional intensity often takes precedence over theological nuance.

The “Summer Worship Nights” tour offers a space for communal celebration centered on a particular vision of the Christian experience.

While the music might be polished, the focus remains on life-changing spiritual encounters. Lake and Wickham are unapologetic about their message.

For them, musical excellence is a tool with a higher purpose.

Clarity and Catharsis

This directness speaks to a trend within contemporary evangelicalism, where clarity and emotional impact often take precedence over complex theological ideas.

The “Summer Worship Nights” tour offers a space for communal celebration centered on a specific vision of being a Christian.

“God’s at work here!” Lake exclaims, describing the impact on families.

His eyes shine as he recalls the security guard’s conversion. “These are the stories that mean everything.”

While the music is polished and upbeat, it aims to spark life-changing salvation experiences.

Lake and Wickham are unapologetic about their message – for them, musical excellence is a means to a spiritual end.

The 2024 tour promises more of the same: joyful music, personal testimonies, and an open invitation to find a spiritual connection or even radical transformation.

Whether this appeals beyond their core audience remains to be seen.

But, the success of their previous tours proves a hunger for this kind of emotionally charged, spiritually focused experience.

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