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“It still benefits me to serve as a worship pastor,” says singer Brandon Lake
Brandon Lake/ Photo: Paul C. Rivera
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“It still benefits me to serve as a worship pastor,” says singer Brandon Lake 

Brandon Lake, the five-time Grammy winner, recently received 11 nominations for this year’s 54th annual GMA Dove Awards. He stated that much of his musical inspiration comes from his local church.

It has been a personal blessing for Lake that he has served as a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in the Carolinas during his career.

He said, “I tell writers all the time it benefits me to be still connected with my church.” 

In an interview from a while ago, Lake referenced his 2021 song “Too Good to Not Believe.” He pointed out how the power of faith and music greatly impacted his well-being.

Lake explained, “Every lyric of that bridge – I’ve seen cancer disappear, I’ve seen metal plates dissolve, I’ve seen families reunited, I’ve seen broken bodies healed, I’ve seen addicts finally free.”

“Those are lines that have faces to them,” Lake stressed. “They are people in my church, and we have seen the reports. And that’s why I feel so encouraged and challenged when I’m out leading worship is to lean into that.”

“The thing we all have in common – right? – is pain and disappointment. And so I don’t want to just come out and entertain and sing some songs. I want to go after the things people need the most, and they need healing.”

Lake concluded by saying, “There are testimonies all around me, which gives me the faith to continue to do what I feel called to do.”

Brandon Lake: “songs walking around in your foyer everywhere”

Hailing from a background of musical diversity, Brandon has effortlessly blended many genres of music. The talented musician manages to infuse his worship compositions with pop, rock, and folk elements. 

Brandon’s breakthrough came with his collaboration with Bethel Music, a platform that catapulted him to international recognition with powerful anthems like “Graves into Gardens” and “We Praise You.” 

On April 12, 2023, Provident Entertainment announced the signing of Brandon Lake to their artist roster. On June 9, 2023, Lake released “Praise You Anywhere” as the lead single to his upcoming album slated for release in the fall.

“Praise You Anywhere” debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. 

Lake described the benefit of a Christian artist being embedded in a local church: “A tree planted by streams of water” will have “tree roots that flourish.” The local church nourishes his soul, he said. 

“And that’s important to me; I was raised in a local church, I’m a PK, and that’s not changing. And so, I stay healthy when I stay planted,” he said.

Songs are best when they have a “face,” he said. 

“I tell writers all the time: You’ve got songs walking around in your foyer everywhere — you’ve just got to get to know them,” he said. 

Evidently, that is how Lake’s songs resonate with listeners on a musical level and serve as a bridge connecting people to more profound encounters with God. 

It is apparent that Barndon’s unwavering commitment to crafting spiritually enriching songs continues to inspire countless individuals all over. This fact alone makes him a cherished and influential figure in the realm of worship music.

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