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Rebecca St. James’ Family Story Hits Screens in Hopeful Film
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Rebecca St. James’ Family Story Hits Screens in Hopeful Film 

Grammy-winning singer Rebecca St. James is opening up about Unsung Hero, a new film spotlighting her family’s resilience through hardship. 

The film narrates David and Helen Smallbone’s risky move from Australia to America, where they encounter unforeseen financial challenges along the way.

Instead of the American Dream unfolding as they’d hoped, the family found themselves in survival mode. 

“I pretty quickly moved into babysitting and cleaning houses,” St. James reveals in an interview with Crosswalk Headlines

Cleaning gigs involved tidying Christian music legend Eddie DeGarmo’s home, a twist that shaped her future music career.

This inspiring film, however, isn’t about fame. It emphasizes the Smallbone family’s steadfast faith amid daunting challenges, reminding us that joy and purpose surpass circumstances.

God redeems our story, no matter how hard it gets,” St. James shares. “I think a lot of people…need to be reminded that God is the great redeemer of our…life.” Perhaps that’s why the film is resonating so deeply with viewers.

Rebecca St. James: “God gives us a relationship with Him, and then a relationship with each other”

The film’s title is a tribute to Helen Smallbone, the “unsung hero” who tirelessly supported her husband and children.

Moreover, David Smallbone’s post-father’s-death depression emphasizes the crucial theme of family mental health support, central to the movie’s narrative. Yet, despite pain and disappointment, the Smallbones find reasons to celebrate.

St. James believes this is a message our achievement-driven society urgently needs to hear. “We in the Western world live such frantic, busy…lives,” she observes.“…I think the film really kind of undoes that mentality that joy is not found in stuff or…achievement.”

True contentment, she asserts, comes from “relationship – God gives us relationship with Him, and then relationship with each other.”

Family, according to St. James, is the building block of a healthy society, something worth cherishing. The film concludes by paraphrasing Mother Teresa’s wise words: “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

Interestingly, St. James’ initial dream wasn’t musical stardom; it was to become a wife and mother. “He redeemed my story,” she says, expressing gratitude for the family life she now enjoys.

Furthermore, this personal fulfillment echoes her strong support for her mother’s model of family-centered devotion.

From Disneyland Dreams to Humble Beginnings

The move to America was a childhood adventure for St. James, who recalls friends excitedly associating the US with Disneyland. 

However, reality was far from that fantasy. Despite initial excitement, they ended up mowing their own lawn and doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

“It promoted this…commitment to working hard [and] pulling together,” St. James reflects.

The Smallbones’ story is ultimately one of overcoming. Rebecca and her brothers Joel and Luke (of For King & Country fame) found their paths within the music industry. 

Their parents’ unwavering faith and selfless sacrifices were the pillars that transformed their early struggles into a foundation for blessings. The film beautifully celebrates this journey, instilling hope and encouragement in the hearts of its viewers.

Unsung Hero is a beacon of hope, particularly for those who are currently navigating their own dark valleys. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light waiting to guide us. 

With God’s aid and family love, tough times can yield joy. It’s a testament to overcoming adversity and finding happiness.

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