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Sola Allyson and Ty Bello release spontaneous worship song
The new song is part of Ty Bello's worship series called “Spontaneous Worship with Ty Bello.”
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Sola Allyson and Ty Bello release spontaneous worship song 

Two of Nigeria’s most famous singers, Sola Allyson and Ty Bello, have joined forces and released the song “Aileyi Pada.” The song means “Unchangeable Father” and is an almost twenty minutes long spontaneous worship song.

“Aileyi Pada” is a timely reminder that God never changes, and that His promises are true as well as never-failing.

“Sometimes all you need is a song to remind you: ‘Do not let the chaos cause you to forget who He is. He is constant and sure. He will not leave you to face the future alone. God is good,’” Ty Bello said about the song.

Ty Bello
Ty Bello’s debut solo album, “Greenland,” was released in 2008.

Spontaneous Worship with Ty Bello

“Aileyi Pada” is part of Ty Bello’s acoustic worship series called “Spontaneous Worship with Ty Bello” that has been running for the past few years.

Ty Bello is a gospel singer and songwriter with more than 15 years of experience from the music industry. She started out in the gospel band Kush but later pursued a solo career.

She has released three albums and is also a noted photographer and philanthropist.

Sola Allyson
Sola Allyson rose to fame in 2003 with her debut album, “Eji Owuro.”

Degree in music technology

Likewise, Allyson Sola has been in the business for many years and has become a prominent musician in Nigeria.

She gained a degree in music technology and has seven albums in her repertoire. The latest one, “Iri,” was released last year.

You can listen to “Ayleyi Pada” in the video below.

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