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Danica McKellar: “We all get to have a personal relationship with God”
Danica McKellar appears in a scene from her 2022 movie "Christmas at the Drive-In." Image: Great American Family/Instagram.

Danica McKellar: “We all get to have a personal relationship with God” 

Actress and author Danica McKellar reveals that her newfound faith has reshaped her outlook on life.

In Tennessee, her new home provided the church community she sought, prompting a revaluation of her ideas about Christianity.

Rom-com enthusiasts acknowledge McKellar for her roles in “Great American Family” and “Hallmark Channel” films.

In educational circles, she garners acclaim for her math books designed for children.

“A Royal Date for Christmas,” her latest film, premieres on Great American Family, Nov. 25, 8 Eastern, as part of the annual Christmas event.

Describing the film, she expressed, “It’s a beautiful story.” In the previous year, McKellar found herself enthralled by a different narrative—Christ’s story—when attending church with fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure.

Danica mentioned that everything started on Palm Sunday in 2022 during a Passion Play. She said, “It just hit me like a wave. It was immediate. It was, like, the Holy Spirit just flooded me.”

Before, McKellar had hesitated towards Christianity, citing its historical use to champion evil as her reason for resistance.

“That was the extent of my awareness of Christianity,” she acknowledged. Church with Bure reshaped her view, emphasizing a personal relationship with God and challenging the notion that historical abuses define Jesus.

Recognizing authentic Christians, she appreciates the revelation, which is the fulfillment of a lifelong search.

She expresses gratitude for Candace’s support and describes it as a wonderful gift. She shares her commitment to reading the Bible cover-to-cover this year, expecting to finish by year-end and staying on track.

A Journey of Faith, Community, and Positive Filmmaking

Guided by Tara Leigh Cobble’s Bible Recap, McKellar reads Scripture and plans to revisit the Bible next year for a deeper understanding.

With her insightful guidance, individuals like Danica McKellar find a valuable companion in their spiritual journeys.

They use the Bible Recap as a tool to navigate the rich and profound teachings of Scripture.Top of Form

Tara Leigh Cobble’s impact goes beyond her writing, resonating with those seeking to engage with and grasp the Bible’s timeless wisdom.

Meanwhile, McKellar is relishing her newfound residence in Tennessee.

She explained, “You can’t go a block without hitting a church. It’s such a faith-based community here. … Christianity is not what I thought it was.”

“A Royal Date for Christmas” features McKellar as a boutique owner aiding a royal Duke in acquiring a new wardrobe.

Agreeing to be his platonic companion at an event, she has featured in approximately 20 romantic comedies throughout her career.

She expresses that they embody “everything I adore about acting and the impact we contribute to the world.”

Romantic comedies, she noted, advocate hope and kindness, showcasing “human behavior that, hopefully, serves as an inspiration.”

“I really believe in it — I believe we can put out really positive things to help people live better lives,” she added.

She elaborated that it goes beyond mere escapism; it’s about portraying the potential of human nature and inspiring the audience to pursue it.

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