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“The Chosen” Shows to Impact Believers and Non-Believers Alike
Jesus, miraculously healing a follower. Courtesy of The Chosen.

“The Chosen” Shows to Impact Believers and Non-Believers Alike 

The runaway success of “The Chosen,” the crowd-funded series depicting the life of Jesus, continues to amaze its creators. 

The show’s popularity extends far beyond the traditional Christian audience. 

In fact, a survey reveals that half of “The Chosen” viewers are non-Christians or are curious about Christianity.

Since its modest launch in 2017, “The Chosen” has exploded in popularity, especially during the 2020 pandemic. 

It now enjoys widespread availability on significant platforms like Netflix and Prime. Currently in its fourth season, the show captivates audiences worldwide.

“We were deeply surprised to learn that about half of our viewers were either practicing Christians or cultural Christians, while the other half were either curious about Christianity or had no Christian faith at all,” said Katherine Warnock, Vice President of Original Content for “The Chosen.”

A strive for introducing to the authentic and inclusive Jesus

The survey’s findings weren’t limited to religious demographics. Warnock was also struck by the show’s growing popularity among Gen Z audiences and younger generations. 

This suggests a broader appeal than the show’s initial millennial and older fanbase, signaling that its message transcends generational lines. 

The show’s gender-balanced viewership is a positive indicator, signaling inclusive appeal and resonance with diverse audiences, encouraging the production team.

Dallas Jenkins and the team aim to appeal to diverse audiences through their work on the show.

This dedication stems from a desire to share their interpretation of Jesus with the broadest audience possible. 

“When Dallas and the writers say, ‘Hey, we want the world to be introduced to the authentic Jesus’ – they mean it,” Warnock affirmed.

She emphasized that the Jesus presented in the Bible resonated with a diverse range of people and worldviews. 

It is this inclusive spirit that guides the show’s storytelling. 

Warnock even shared the story of an agnostic fan moved to tears by the show. It demonstrates the enduring power of the core narrative across different beliefs.

Respectful Storytelling Rooted in Research

To ensure respect and accuracy, “The Chosen” creators actively seek input from diverse religious scholars.

They carefully integrate themes from scholars of various faiths to achieve a respectful and nuanced portrayal.

This dedication to authenticity transcends simple fact-checking. They understand that to capture the complexities of Jesus’ era, ‘The Chosen’ team commits to careful research.

Such detail and sensitivity undoubtedly contribute to ‘The Chosen’s’ broad appeal.

In further exciting news, Warnock confirmed that Season 5 of ‘The Chosen’ is highly anticipated. It will focus on Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem for Holy Week.

The subsequent seasons, 6 and 7, will culminate in the momentous events of the crucifixion and resurrection.

This reinforces the show’s commitment to portraying significant chapters in Jesus’ story.

The success of ‘The Chosen’ proves the power of storytelling to transcend religious boundaries and connect with audiences of all backgrounds.

It demonstrates that when crafted with care and respect, faith-based content resonates far beyond its intended audience.

The show sparks curiosity and dialogue about spirituality, fostering meaningful conversations for believers and non-believers alike.

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