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Actor Jonathan Roumie Shares the Impact of The Chosen on The View
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Actor Jonathan Roumie Shares the Impact of The Chosen on The View 

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in “The Chosen,” highlighted the show’s impact on portraying relatable, real-life characters from Scripture.

Appearing on “The View,” he shared the series’ goal of authentically depicting Jesus and His disciples.

The interview coincided with the release of “The Chosen,” Season 4 (Episodes 1-3) in theaters.

While promoting the show on “The View,” the actor shared insights on making biblical characters relatable and the show’s success.

He emphasized the effort to humanize these well-known figures. The show makes them relatable by exploring everyday challenges such as marital problems and childbirth.

“We take them off of those pedestals and make them relatable, real-life people,” stated the actor.

“… So by seeing essentially ourselves in these characters, like any great TV show, you start to identify and then the fact that it’s the greatest story ever told, now brings it to a whole other level. And they’re like, ‘Oh, I can relate to Jesus in a way that I never thought I could before.’”

One aspect contributing to The Chosen’s popularity is its commitment to ethnic and racial diversity within the cast.

Roumie went on to praise the creators for aiming to portray an authentic representation of Jesus and His disciples.

He emphasized considering their Jewish roots and the diverse population around the seafaring towns they visited as vitally important.

Surrendering to God in difficult times

Whoopi Goldberg praised “The Chosen” for unveiling Jesus’s humanity uniquely and showcasing Him and the Apostles in a distinct light.

She noted the revolutionary aspect of depicting Jesus’s desire for inclusivity and inviting everyone to the table.

Roumie also shared insights into his journey as an actor, detailing his early struggles and financial challenges.

After a period of success followed many setbacks, which included the 2008 housing market collapse.

It was then that Roumie faced a challenging financial situation in Los Angeles.

The actor admitted that he got to the point where he went broke financially. It was so much so that he couldn’t receive government assistance so that he could eat. 

He said, “The only thing I hadn’t done at that point was the thing that was left to do, which was to get on my knees and surrender my entire life and my career and everything that I had up to that point over to God because there wasn’t anything — I realized — I could do on my own.”

“Almost six years ago now, I said, ‘Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything,’” Roumie added.

That day, he experienced a financial miracle that transformed his life. Three months later, he landed the role of Jesus in “The Chosen.”

The actor’s story reflects a powerful testament to the impact of faith and surrendering to a higher power.

Roumie’s journey serves as a powerful testament to the impact of faith and surrendering to a higher power.

As “The Chosen” resonates, it highlights the transformative potential to change the lives of Christians and believers worldwide.

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