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Season four of “The Chosen” Enjoys Record-Breaking Viewership
Still from Season 4 of “The Chosen. ”Courtesy of The Chosen, Mike Kubeisy

Season four of “The Chosen” Enjoys Record-Breaking Viewership 

“The Chosen,” the popular Bible-based series, recently set a viewership record on the CW, reaching new heights on December 10.

Fans and newcomers have caught up on the narrative in anticipation of the Season 3 finale on Christmas Eve. And so, it’s easy to see how the series has reached new heights in popularity.

Dallas Jenkins, director and co-writer of “The Chosen,” initially created the groundbreaking series depicting the life of Jesus Christ.

Renowned for his work in the faith-based film industry, Jenkins employed a unique crowdfunding model for the series production.

As a result of this, the innovative approach to biblical narratives in “The Chosen” garnered widespread praise. It has since become one of the most-watched crowdfunded TV series to date.

Additionally, on December 10, “The Chosen” achieved a milestone, attracting 553,000 viewers, marking the series’ highest viewership for the year.

November recorded the series’ highest average viewership for a month, according to public data on, marking it another notable achievement.

The upward trend in viewership has been consistent for two consecutive months. October’s average of 440,600 viewers surpassed September’s average of 424,750, with November’s average further escalating to 492,250 viewers.

Also, the first two weeks of December have seen an average of 514,000 viewers, potentially setting another record for the series.

Engagement from around the world

Airing on The CW since July, the first three series of “The Chosen” are set to run through Christmas Eve.

“The Chosen” dominates The CW’s top three weekly shows despite on-demand availability on platforms like Prime Video, showcasing its popularity.

Notably, its viewership numbers are double those of many other series on the network.

Kyle Young, vice president of global distribution for “The Chosen,” expressed his astonishment at the audience engagement.

The over-the-air broadcast on The CW has sustained existing viewership and introduced the show to new audiences.

Young remarked, “We’ve been completely blown away by the size of the audience engagement, the ongoing viewership, and it’s led to a bunch more people being exposed to the show. We’re just seeing that this story resonates with people worldwide and in so many different amazing ways.”

Moreover, actor Jonathan Roumie shared in an interview with CBS that the series has more than just a niche audience.

“We even got a letter from the church of Satan”, he said. “It said in the letter, ‘You know, I don’t believe all this stuff necessarily, but you guys tell a great story.’”

That’s how “The Chosen” makes history on The CW as the first broadcast TV network to air a full series season. It benefits from The CW’s extensive coverage, spanning virtually 100 percent of the United States.

Season 4 of “The Chosen” premieres in theaters in February before reaching “The Chosen” app and other platforms in the future.

Amid this success, “The Chosen” has spread festive spirit with the holiday-themed movie “Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night.” It managed to hit theaters from December 12 to 17.

As “The Chosen” captivates audiences and breaks records, its impact on broadcast television and the global audience is undeniable.

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