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Jonathan Roumie: “I’m following where God leads me”
Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in 'The Chosen' season 4.
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Jonathan Roumie: “I’m following where God leads me” 

In the realm of biblical storytelling, actor Jonathan Roumie stands as a contemporary vessel for a timeless message.

Renowned as Jesus in “The Chosen,” Roumie views his role as more than acting; it’s a form of ministry and devotion.

Hailing from New York City and devout in his Catholic faith, the 49-year-old actor views his career as a divine mission.

In a Four Seasons interview, Roumie acknowledged the surreal impact of being a top Google result for “Jesus.”

In ancient attire, Roumie’s image is linked to the perception of the Savior, a weighty phenomenon that preoccupies the actor.

Despite the unexpected celebrity linked to portraying Jesus in a series with over 500 million streams, Roumie remains humble. He recognizes the profound responsibility of the association.

“He kind of put me here,” Roumie said. “So I can’t shy away from the association completely. There is, for me, a sense of mission about what I’m doing, and it happens to be in the form of entertainment. And that’s the gifts that I was equipped with by God, I believe.”

Navigating Divine Inspiration and Presence in “The Chosen”

Roumie, acknowledging divine inspiration in “The Chosen” from the Bible, is mindful of his character’s ultimate direction.

As the fourth season approaches, focused on Jesus’ disciples’ persecution, Roumie highlights the vital necessity of maintaining a present mindset. This, he believes, is significant both personally and professionally.

He draws inspiration from the divine teachings portrayed in the series, advocating for a mindful presence in every interaction.

Being present is both a professional requirement and a practice rooted in divine teachings, echoing the profound presence exhibited by Jesus.

Drawing parallels, Roumie aligns his present-focused approach in acting with personal philosophy, inspired by Jesus’ teachings in “The Chosen.”

For Roumie, presence is both a professional requirement and a practice rooted in divine teachings, echoing Jesus’ profound presence.

“As an actor, I have to kind of be careful not to sort of telegraph too much, because I’m then also then not present,” the actor shared. “So as long as I’m present, everybody knows — I don’t have to fill in the audience’s minds with what’s going to happen; they already fill that in.”

Embodying Jesus on and Off Screen

In his interactions with fans, Roumie strives to extend the same presence that defines his portrayal of Jesus.

He said, “I try to just be present with the person, you know? And allow them to just express how they feel about Jesus and me portraying Jesus and, sometimes, that line feels a little blurred, but that’s part of this experience, so I think it’s just important to just be present.”

In conclusion, Jonathan Roumie’s journey as the actor behind Jesus in “The Chosen” goes beyond the realms of Hollywood.

The actor’s commitment to embodying Jesus on and off the screen is not merely an acting role but a mission

It is a mission intertwined with faith, humility, and commitment—Roumie endeavors to embody the divine teachings embedded in the timeless narrative of Jesus Christ.

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