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Transformation Worship’s Debut Album “Overflow” Hits the Airwaves
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Transformation Worship’s Debut Album “Overflow” Hits the Airwaves 

Represent Records’ artist, Transformation Worship, has unveiled their first album, ‘Overflow,’ under the guidance of Pastor Michael Todd. The album, featuring seven powerful tracks, sets a new standard in worship music.

Showcasing God’s unfailing faithfulness and limitless generosity, ‘Overflow’ captivates listeners globally. Pastor Todd expresses, “Overflow becomes a brand-new anthem of 2024.”

The album includes standout tracks like “Yahweh,” “Siempre Conmigo,” and “Impossible? (Nothing At All),” resonating deeply with worshippers worldwide. These songs offer listeners a glimpse into the heart of Transformation Worship.

Transformation Worship’s journey began in Tulsa, Oklahoma, within the transformative embrace of Transformation Church. Since its inception in 1999, worship has epitomized the church’s core values.

Pastor Michael Todd, who took leadership in 2010, has nurtured and expanded these values. Under his stewardship, worship at Transformation Church has evolved into a dynamic expression of faith and spiritual transformation.

Pastor Todd’s visionary leadership has propelled the evolution of worship, transforming it from a ritual into a lifestyle. With the release of ‘Overflow,’ listeners are invited to join this journey, where worship becomes a profound catalyst for change.

“Overflow” Symbolizes a Testament to God’s Faithfulness

The debut single, “Overflow,” emerged during the 2022 V02 Conference, igniting a social media frenzy. This powerful anthem reflects Todd’s affirmation: “Overflow is a bold life affirmation.”

‘Overflow’ stands as a testament to Transformation Worship’s mission: embodying God’s kingdom with a transformative sound. The album’s impact reaches worshippers across continents, symbolizing a significant milestone in Transformation Worship’s journey. As Todd articulates, “Overflow establishes the precedent for what enthusiasts can anticipate.”

The album is now accessible, ensuring audiences can immerse themselves in its transformative harmonies. Whether through music streaming platforms or purchasing albums, listeners everywhere can experience the profound messages of ‘Overflow.’

Pastor Michael Todd, the pioneering mind behind Transformation Worship, asserts that ‘Overflow’ is more than an album. He declares, “Overflow stands as a proclamation of God’s constancy.” Todd emphasizes its potential impact, stating, “Overflow becomes a brand-new anthem of 2024.”

Transformation Worship’s journey from Tulsa to global worship is marked by standout tracks that offer listeners deep spiritual experiences. “Yahweh,” “Siempre Conmigo,” and “Impossible? (Nothing At All)” are crafted to resonate deeply with worshippers worldwide, inviting them to experience God’s boundless love.

From Tulsa to Global Worship

Since 1999, worship has been at the core of Transformation Church’s identity. Under Pastor Michael Todd’s leadership, which began in 2010, worship has evolved into a dynamic expression of faith and transformation.

Todd’s creative leadership has propelled Transformation Worship to unparalleled heights, inspiring worshippers worldwide.

‘Overflow’ epitomizes the culmination of years of dedication and passion, reflecting the church’s unwavering commitment to sharing the message of God’s love.

The debut single from ‘Overflow’ made waves at the 2022 V02 Conference, capturing the hearts of attendees and sparking a social media frenzy. Its compelling message of hope and affirmation quickly gained immense popularity, paving the way for the album’s debut.

‘Overflow’ transcends being merely a compilation of songs. It serves as an invitation to worship and a celebration of God’s unwavering faithfulness. As Pastor Michael Todd explains, “Overflow sets the tone for what fans can expect from Transformation Worship.”

Transformation Worship’s ‘Overflow’ is now available for purchase and streaming, ensuring that listeners everywhere can experience its transformative message.

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