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Brooke Ligertwood Unleashes Powerful Live Version of “Bless God”
Photo from Brooke Ligertwood’s Instagram

Brooke Ligertwood Unleashes Powerful Live Version of “Bless God” 

Fans of Brooke Ligertwood are rejoicing! The Grammy-winning worship leader has dropped a special release of her anthemic song “Bless God.”

Originally part of “EIGHT,” this version includes four more tracks, with “Bless God (Live from Passion 2024)” as the standout.

This powerful live take features Passion, Brandon Lake, and Cody Carnes alongside Ligertwood herself.

An accompanying live video captures the electrifying energy of the performance. It’s a must-watch for worship music enthusiasts.

At its core, “Bless God” is an invitation to declarative, heartfelt praise. Ligertwood describes it as “a song for the church.”

Its anthemic nature is perfect for congregational singing, reminding believers of the power of worship.

“Worship isn’t just for good times,” Ligertwood explains. “It’s a habit, a posture of aligning ourselves with the truth of Christ. Whether celebrating victories or facing valleys, offering praise is an entry point into the joy of the Lord. ‘Bless God’ exists to accompany us through all those seasons.”

From Pop Charts to Church Aisles

Ligertwood’s ability to craft songs with both theological clarity and accessible melodies is a hallmark of her artistry.

“Bless God” reflects this beautifully. Its repetitive chorus echoes Biblical urgency, while verses anchor the song in God’s enduring character.

This balance makes it ideal for both personal devotion and corporate worship settings.

Her long-standing career uniquely blends pop success under her maiden name, Brooke Fraser. Additionally, she has left a profound legacy of writing worship anthems for the global church.

Songs like “What a Beautiful Name,” “King of Kings,” and “Hosanna” have become staples in churches worldwide. Fans have streamed her music over 1.5 billion times.

Her songwriting prowess is undeniable, with numerous chart-toppers, a Grammy, and several RIAA certifications to her credit.

Yet, it’s the enduring impact of her worship music that speaks to Ligertwood’s true artistry.

Elevating Worship Through Shared Artistry

The live “Bless God” exemplifies their commitment to uplifting the wider body of Christ through collaborative music. The energy of the Passion conference infuses the song.

Moreover, the dynamic vocal interplay between Ligertwood, Lake, and Carnes adds an extra dimension.

There’s an undeniable synergy when artists who’ve each shaped contemporary worship join forces. Consequently, it elevates the song from merely a performance into a shared experience.

This release is a gift to fans of Ligertwood’s solo work. It also appeals to those familiar with her from Hillsong Worship, where her songs were mainstays.

“Bless God” is a worthy addition to her remarkable catalogue. The simple yet profound lyrics speak to God’s faithfulness in all circumstances, which is a much-needed message in today’s world.

The “Live from Passion 2024” version is sure to ignite a fresh wave of enthusiasm for Ligertwood’s music.

For newcomers, it’s an introduction to her powerful artistry and passion for worship. Likewise, it’s a reaffirmation of her enduring impact for longtime fans.

This release serves as a reminder of her immense talent. Ultimately, it’s also a testament to the continued power of worship to unite and inspire believers of all backgrounds.

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