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“The Chosen: Season 4” Set for 2024 Theatrical Premiere
Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in season 4 of 'The Chosen.'. PHOTO: THE CHOSEN AND MIKE KUBEISY

“The Chosen: Season 4” Set for 2024 Theatrical Premiere 

“The Chosen” captivates with its unique portrayal of Jesus Christ’s life and those in His circle, redefining biblical storytelling.

Furthermore, the upcoming season of this worldwide sensation will premiere exclusively in U.S. theaters in the coming year.

This marks the inaugural instance of a streaming series premiering in theaters before its standard digital release.

Created and helmed by Dallas Jenkins, “The Chosen” offers a distinctive view of Jesus’ disciples and those impacted by Him.

Beyond that, it delves into biblical narratives, enhancing understanding of cultural, social, and personal contexts through exceptional production and storytelling.

Consequently, it stands as a testament to the power of faith-based storytelling. Not only does it resonate with viewers across the globe, but it also inspires a new way of experiencing the timeless tales of the Bible.

Starting from Feb. 1, each episode of Season 4 will have its premiere in theaters, kicking off with Episodes 1-3.

Subsequently, Episodes 4-6 will be available for fans to watch on Feb. 15, and the conclusion with Episodes 7-8 will follow on Feb. 29.

This represents the first time that The Chosen premieres every Season 3 episode in theaters after previously debuting the opening and finale episodes.

Following the theater run, The Chosen will unveil its debut on various streaming platforms, including “The Chosen TV,” mobile applications, and broadcast and cable television.

This series follows the narrative of Jesus and His disciples based on the Bible.

In essence, it’s a groundbreaking nationwide theatrical release, marking a first for a streaming series and featuring every episode of a season in theaters.

Notably, this project is being distributed by Fathom Events.

“It’s going to be very unique,” said the show’s producer

Kyle Young, the VP of worldwide distribution, highlighted the record-breaking success of The Chosen in its previous theatrical releases.

Moreover, he emphasized that there’s a clear demand for the series to be shown in theaters.

“It’s going to be very unique,” Young informed various media outlets, adding that it would be an enjoyable way for the show’s fans to engage with the series.

“No one has released an entire TV series in theaters,” he added, underscoring the novelty of this approach.

According to Dallas Jenkins, the director and creator of The Chosen, fans consistently express a strong desire for theatrical experiences.

“After seeing the Season 4 episodes,” Jenkins said, “we knew we’d be doing our fans a disservice if we denied them the chance to see them all on a big screen with others they can laugh and cry with.”

During the Christmas season, another holiday-themed title will grace the theaters.

Moreover, “Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” will screen in theaters from Dec. 12-17.

The film merges past episodes of “The Messengers” and “The Shepherd” into a remastered narrative, as stated in the news release.

Furthermore, the movie features a performance by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli, along with seven music performances and two new monologues.

In this way, we can evidently see how the director and creators of the show will guarantee fans unforgettable theatrical experiences.

Global fans can soon enjoy Season 4 of The Chosen in a delightful communal theatrical experience.

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