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Finding Solace in the Stillness: Bethel Music’s “Moments: Wait”
The Bethel Music collective is part of the Roadshow Tour 2020, stopping Thursday, March 5 at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center in Ypsilanti (Photo courtesy Bethel Music)

Finding Solace in the Stillness: Bethel Music’s “Moments: Wait” 

Bethel Music’s latest album, “Moments: Wait,” encourages listeners to cherish sacred pauses, departing from their typical energetic worship style.

“Moments: Wait” was released last week, offering 13 tracks of spontaneous worship infused with anticipation and longing for divine revelation.

The theme echoes the Book of Psalms, emphasizing patient expectancy. This marks the group’s second “Moments” album, following 2018’s “Moments: Mighty Sound.”

The album features collaborations with other worship luminaries, including Upperroom’s Abbie Gamboa and Elevation Worship’s Tiffany Hudson.

Furthermore, Bethel’s David Funk leads the powerful declaration of Christ’s redemptive power in the focus track, “The Blood (Live).”

“Moments: Wait” provides a sonic haven for those amidst life’s chaos, offering a reminder of peace found in stillness.

“There’s an inherent vulnerability in waiting,” says Funk. “It’s an act of surrender, an acknowledgment that His timing, not ours, reigns supreme.”

This sentiment finds resonance in a fast-paced world where immediate gratification is the norm and ‘hustle culture’ is often valorized.

With its polished performances and massive online following, Bethel Music is an undeniable commercial force.

Yet, this album strikes a countercultural note. Consequently, it prompts questions about whether its message of surrender aligns seamlessly with the group’s image of success and influence.

Giving space to encounter God through the music

“So much of this is about surrendering agendas,” says co-founder Jenn Johnson.

“This album, we hope, helps create space for people to simply be present – to wait and encounter God without any preconceived expectations.”

Since its formation in 2001, Bethel Music has consistently topped worship charts, and its songs have become anthems in churches worldwide.

However, their immense popularity hasn’t been without criticism. Some argue their lyrics lack depth, while others criticize the group’s emphasis on emotional experiences over sustained theological engagement.

The concept of waiting on God has deep roots in the Bible. The Old Testament prophets endured trials while waiting expectantly for the Messiah.

Additionally, the New Testament emphasizes patience and trust in God’s unfolding plan.

Such themes are hardly exclusive to Christianity. In Islam, “tawakkul” signifies reliance on God. Similarly, in Buddhism, meditation fosters patience and acceptance of the present moment.

A Comforting Haven for Worship Music Fans

“Moments: Wait” seems primarily targeted towards those already immersed in contemporary Christian worship culture.

Its sonic palette and lyrical themes are unlikely to surprise or challenge listeners familiar with the genre.

The emphasis is on expressive melodies and easily digestible theological ideas, making it ideal for congregational singing or private devotional moments.

This focus on simplicity is likely to be welcomed by those seeking a straightforward worship experience.

However, listeners craving more theological complexity or sonic experimentation might find the album needs to be revised.

While undoubtedly sincere, “Moments: Wait” could feel repetitive for those outside its intended audience.

Ultimately, the album’s reception will be as varied as its listeners. For some, it offers a much-needed respite from life’s frantic pace.

Even those outside traditional Christianity might find something compelling.

After all, its invitation to slow down, breathe, and perhaps discover a whisper of the divine in waiting resonates universally.

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