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CeCe Winans’ “Goodness of God” goes viral on “American Idol”
Screengrab via YouTube / @American Idol
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CeCe Winans’ “Goodness of God” goes viral on “American Idol” 

As of lately, ABC’s “American Idol” crowned a new champion. However, the real highlight for many viewers came earlier in the show. Christian artist CeCe Winans joined contestant Roman Collins for a powerful rendition of “Goodness of God.” This performance quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of many.

On Instagram, the Winans/Collins duet received more likes, comments, and shares than any other post for the night. Their performance surpassed singer/contestant duets with Hootie and the Blowfish, New Kids on the Block, Bishop Briggs, and Wynonna Judd. Judge Katy Perry was visibly moved, shedding tears during the performance.

“Goodness of God” originally appeared on a 2019 Bethel Music album. Winans covered it in 2021, and her live rendition entered the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart. It featured on her “Believe for It” album.

The Performance Moves ’American Idol’ Audience and Judges to Tears

“CeCe Winans just took the American Idol finale audience to church!” worship leader Brian Tabor wrote on X. The performance resonated deeply with viewers and commentators alike.

“Hard to believe it was allowed on network TV, but CeCe Winans just blew everyone off the stage,” sports journalist Brad Crawford wrote. “Had Katy Perry, former worship singer turned mainstream, in tears. Just unbelievable.” His words captured the joy many felt seeing such a powerful gospel performance.

Reporter Jacob Davis also shared his reaction. “@cecewinans and Roman Collins proclaimed the gospel to millions of homes across the world at the American Idol finale Sunday night. Incredible performance with teary-eyed folks all over the room. Chills!” he tweeted, emphasizing the emotional and spiritual impact of the duet.

Highlights Cultural Impact of “Goodness of God”

Winans told K-Love she added “Goodness of God” to her album because many African Americans had not heard it. A worship team member at her church introduced the song to Winans.

“There’s a lot of people who haven’t heard it, who look like me,” Winans told K-Love. “That song showed me how sometimes our cultures are so far apart. A song can really be big in the CCM world, and in the Black church, or in a different denomination, they haven’t heard it.”

She said of the popular song, “This is my testimony.” Winans’ performance on “American Idol” served as a testament to the unifying power of worship music, bridging cultural divides and touching diverse audiences.

Abi Carter won “American Idol” Season 22. Roman Collins, like Winans, is a Christian and recently released his debut album, “Same Gospel New Sound.” He finished in the Top 12 of “American Idol,” and his collaboration with Winans marked a significant moment in his budding career.

The viral success of their performance underscores the enduring appeal of gospel music and its ability to move people profoundly. As Winans continues to share her faith through music, she inspires both seasoned believers and new audiences to embrace the goodness of God.

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