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Kevin and Sam Sorbo Were Transformed by Faith and Miracles
Kevin and Sam Sorbo

Kevin and Sam Sorbo Were Transformed by Faith and Miracles 

In 2011, Hollywood power couple Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam Sorbo, shared a miraculous journey in their memoir.

“True Strength” details Kevin Sorbo’s real-life miracle, showcasing how the ordeal strengthened his faith from Hercules to mortal, nearly dying.

The book unveils a real-life miracle that tested Kevin Sorbo’s faith and reshaped his perspective on life.

Despite his invincible mindset, Kevin faced a life-threatening situation while working on the TV series “Hercules.”

An aneurysm in his shoulder sent clots into his arm, causing tingling and pain.

Ignoring the symptoms, Kevin continued his strenuous routine until a chiropractic visit changed everything.

During the session, Kevin heard a clear voice warning him not to let the chiropractor crack his neck.

Ignoring the guidance, he suffered three strokes, altering the course of his life.

“Oh, there’s no question [it was God]. As I’m debating with God, he cracks my neck. That bump that was an aneurism that was so close to the artery feeding the brain, that manipulation forced three of those clots to my brain, and I suffered three strokes,” the actor said. “What did I learn? I learned to listen to that voice.”

Sam Sorbo’s unwavering support played a pivotal role in Kevin’s healing process after strokes led to years of recovery.

Despite the challenges, Sam motivated him to express gratitude and work hard toward recovery, fostering a resilient mindset.

Kevin shared, “She gave me a goal. She made me get up and look in a mirror every day and tell myself that I’m getting better and getting stronger.”

Making a positive impact in the entertainment industry

The Sorbos considered Kevin’s recovery a miracle that strengthened their faith.

This transformative experience led them to reevaluate their priorities in Hollywood.

“Hollywood’s banned me,” Kevin revealed, changing his direction to concentrate on faith-based films such as “God’s Not Dead.”

“You know what’s interesting, because of Hercules this is a show you get invited to comic-con shows. These are the fantasy sci-fi world, and these are the fantasy sci-fi geeks.”

He added, “The last two I’ve done in the last two months since the movie has come out, 50 percent of the people come up to me and say I saw ‘God’s not Dead’ I loved it, I mean you don’t get that at that type of setting. It’s amazing. I’m not exaggerating. They wish I had a ‘God’s Not Dead’ picture to sign.”

Even at Comic-Con shows, fans approached Kevin Sorbo to express appreciation for his faith-based film roles, garnering significant support.

Despite facing challenges in Hollywood, Kevin Sorbo remains a prominent voice advocating for positive messages in entertainment.

Emphasizing the impact of media on culture, he stated, “We have to battle to go against politics; we’re downstream of culture.”

He asked, “Who runs the culture? Hollywood does, and look at the movies they’re putting out. So we’re trying to get movies that have a good message and a positive message that people can relate to.”

To this day, Kevin Sorbo continues to be a driving force in redeeming Hollywood.

His commitment to projects with positive messages reflects a desire to counteract the prevailing negativity in today’s world.

Undeniably, Kevin and Sam Sorbo’s story inspires, showcasing faith’s transformative power and the ability to find grace amidst life’s challenges.

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