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Looking Forward To LIMA with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome -It’s Going To Be ‘Hotter Than Fire’

Looking Forward To LIMA with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome -It’s Going To Be ‘Hotter Than Fire’ 

The night where the gospel scene celebrates it’s most glorious performers and singers is all that members of LoveWorld Inc. are talking about right now. The most eagerly awaited award ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria is LIMA 2019.  

The upcoming IPPC is the hottest ticket in town with awe-inspiring lectures and a host of wonderful segments it’s going to be more impactful than ever. The pinnacle of the event is the LIMA Awards. The LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards are a celebration of the musicality, creativity, and devotion to the Christian fellowship of LoveWorld Inc. These artists are at the forefront of the ministries outreach campaigns. 

The intense atmosphere in the LoveWorld Convocation Arena is heightened by the presence of souls who are filled with the Holy Spirit. The LIMA award ceremony is an expression of gratitude to those who are associated with the multiple musical facets of the Church.  Last year it was broadcast live for the first time so millions of viewers could tune in to the magnificent ceremony on their phones, televisions or computers. Now the millions of gospel music fans around the world who have witnessed the show anticipate that this year’s extravaganza will be ‘Hotter than Fire’. 

Your Host: – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The gospel fans can’t wait to see who will be nominated for year’s awards. The nomination is an honor in itself. The awards are presented by the Lead Pastor of LoveWorld Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.  Winners also receive a blessing directly from the Man of God. 2017’s ‘Best Newcomer’ was Testimony Jaga and his music has taken listeners to new heights of glory. His breathtaking performance of his 2018 award-winning song “Jehovah” had the audience in a state of rapture.  Testimony’s musical development reflects his spiritual growth and he is bound to reach many souls with his fusion style gospel music.

Testimony Jaga performing at last year’s LIMA Awards

There many nominations in each category that reflects the ingathering of talents who wish to express their devotion through music. In 2018 Isaiah Samson, Martin PK, Eben, Obi Shine and, Chris Shalom were jointly crowned ‘Male Vocalists of the Year’. In a growing gospel music scene, the LoveWorld artists are the leading lights with their divine lyrics and melodious musicality. 

“Shepard Of My Soul’ is a favorite of Pastor Chris and Eben is a worthy winner of the prestigious  ‘Artist of the Year’ award. His melodious voice lifts the crowds with those soul-stirring lyrics to the next level of glory. In “At The Center Of It All It’s You That I See” the lyric goes “as we lift our voice in praise”. Well, Eben lifts the crowd with his astounding voice. 

The female artist’s section was equally hotly contested. New talents are emerging all the time. As Sinach sang the words ‘I Know Who I Am’ with such composure and grace we can see why she was voted ‘Songwriter of the Year’ in 2017. She has written over 500 songs that she sings with blessed elegance, so it was a decision that was met with great applause in 2018 when she won ‘Female Vocalist Of The Year’. She is a singer with a huge vocal range, and her performances inspire the listeners to love the Lord Jesus Christ and all His blessings.

The hottest talents are drawn to LoveWorld Inc.

 The LoveWorld Ministry for Art and Music (LMAM) is dedicated to training singers and artists in Christian musical ministry. As inspired by Pastor Chris their mission is to “take the divine presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the peoples of the earth and to demonstrate the character of the Spirit through our music and the creative arts.” The singers convey some of the most potent messages of the Christ Embassy. With guidance from the marvelous Evangelist Kathy Woghiren so many twinkling stars shine brighter than ever.

Four years ago, one emergent starlet told herself she would win “Worship Song of the Year”. This declaration was realized last year for CSO. Sharon Oyakhilome’s first worship song, ‘Holy Spirit’  was a hit on and is found on the playlist of many gospel music fans. 

It also won the LIMA for ‘Song of the Year’. This double honor saw Sharon physically overwhelmed. Her humble and modest response was to thank God for the gift of music that he has bestowed upon her. When you look at her smile you can see the Spirit of our Savior is within her. She is a wonderful role model for many young people not just because of her beautiful voice but for her impactful leadership of many projects aimed at young Christians.

For the thousands of gospel music fans watching the LIMA award ceremony, the anticipation has reached a fever pitch. The soul-winning during the celebrations will be off the charts as we ascend new heights of the music ministry of Pastor Chris. Follow LMAM on KingsChat and get ready for a night that will be ‘Hotter Than Fire”. 

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