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Mark Hall on Faith, Music, and Triumph Over Cancer
Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall (Photo by Brooke McDuffee)
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Mark Hall on Faith, Music, and Triumph Over Cancer 

Singer Mark Hall reflects on faith, cancer, and music’s transformative power in a brief yet impactful journey through his experiences.

Reflecting on his childhood, the “Casting Crowns” singer recalled the significant influence of Christian music when his father embraced Christianity.

The song “Rise Again” by Dallas Holm marked a pivotal moment, significantly altering the family’s musical atmosphere.

Despite 47 years of success, Hall remains humble, emphasizing that God uses ordinary people who won’t succumb to pride.

“It’s been an amazing journey,” Hall said. “I don’t think God uses less than ordinary people because he knows we’re not going to get a big head about it.”

He added, “Because I know who’s who in the zoo here. I know, at the end of the day, on my best day, what I can accomplish, and I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

“So what I what I’ve tried to do is just bloom where I’m planted, and just whatever gifts I do have given back to him. And he’s used that. And that’s what I want people to see in my life.”

Initially, the Casting Crowns’ documentary, “Home by Sunday,” raised concerns for Hall. He was worried due to the absence of dramatic elements like car chases.

However, he recognized its value in focusing on the impact of songs and real stories.

The documentary spans 20 years, depicting the challenges of homeschooling on the road and maintaining a connection with their local church.

Hall’s 2015 battle with cancer taught him to receive help and let the church support him, becoming a profound spiritual lesson.

Through this experience, he learned the importance of vulnerability and accepting the love and prayers of others.

The Gift of Receiving Help from Others

Casting Crowns’ documentary, “Home by Sunday,” delves into Mark Hall’s 20-year journey on the road with his wife and four kids.

Homeschooling on tour posed challenges, with lead guitarist Juan DeVevo sharing the difficulty of homeschooling on the road.

Despite uncertainties, Hall emphasizes the importance of prioritizing family and church connection over the illusions of fame.

Navigating the demands of the music world, Hall and his band aimed to maintain a ministry rooted in the local church.

He refused to let fame overshadow his role as a youth pastor and committed to returning home every Saturday night.

The documentary explores the band’s story and emphasizes their commitment to pointing people toward Jesus through their music.

In 2015, Hall faced a personal crisis when diagnosed with kidney cancer. Wrestling with emotional and spiritual challenges, he initially resisted accepting help and prayers.

“The big lesson that came from cancer for me is that I’m pretty good at giving. I’m pretty good at loving people through things. And that’s something I’ve done all my life. I’m not very good at receiving. I never really had to face that,” he admitted.

Reflecting on the overwhelming support from the church, he recognized the need to let others help him during times of struggle.

The lesson learned from cancer emphasized the importance of letting the church be a supportive community.

Hall discovered the power of allowing others to love and pray for him, shifting his perspective on receiving support.

It was Hall’s journey that ultimately inspired the song “Love Them Like Jesus,” emphasizing vulnerability and accepting care from others.

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