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OUR GOD REIGNS — Inspirers new single out now
Inspirers released a single OUR GOD REIGNS

OUR GOD REIGNS — Inspirers new single out now 

It doesn’t matter how many Gospel songs we have in the world — we will always be happy to hear more! Thus, Christians around the world received an amazing gift from Inspirers Ministry, as their new single OUR GOD REIGNS came out. You can listen to the song on YouTube and Audiomack. 

The Bible served as inspiration for Inspirers Ministry’s new song 

On the announcement page of their official website, Inspirers Ministry quotes the verse from Psalm (93:1): 

The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength; indeed, the world is established, firm and secure. 

So, it’s easy to guess what an inspiration for the ministry was when they recorded new music. Different books of the Bible gave so many ideas to musicians over the years, and this time is no exception. Describing the idea of the song, the ministry writes the following: 

As indicated in the scripture, The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty and strength, and his kingdom is established forever. This scripture inspired our new song. As long as we live in time and eternity, we shall worship the creator forever and ever. 

The piece is full of devotion and love to God, and it is hearable from the start. At the first sight, it seems the song is quite simple consisting of one verse, chorus, and bridge. There is no big variety in the lyrics either. However, nothing of this is preventing OUR GOD REIGNS from delivering its strong message about how glorious the Lord is. We see that the joy of the people involved is real, and they are happy to congregate together and express their fellowship. 

The melody of OUR GOD REIGNS is something that electrifies you and gives you energy for the rest of the day. A powerful guitar solo at the beginning of the song makes sure you are hooked and won’t be let go until the final notes. Musician Dr. Prince B. Abrah did a great job, and we hope there are lots of good works on the way.

What is Inspirers Ministry 

Inspirers Ministry is an international music and evangelistic ministry from Ghana. The group consists of dedicated Christians with many years of experience and professionalism in the public and private sectors. The members admit that they have a passion for soul winning. Inspirers Ministry describes its goal as “to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide social support and assistance for the vulnerable and underprivileged in society regardless of race, color, and religion.” 

The founders of Inspirers Ministry are Dr. Prince Boamah Abrah and his wife Mrs. Sandra Abrah Boamah. The ministry’s story began in 2012 when Dr. Abrah attended the Men of Worship concert. After that, he worked as a general secretary of MOW and led his friends who shared a similar passion to the first public appearance as a music group. 

By now, Inspirers Ministry released two recording albums. 

You’re more than welcome to stream, like, and comment on the song. It’s also worth subscribing to the Inspirers Ministry YouTube channel to catch up with more uplifting and inspiring Gospel music. 

OUR GOD REIGNS by Inspirers

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