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“The Chosen” season 3 on its way
Photo: BYUtv

“The Chosen” season 3 on its way 

After an incredibly successful premiere of its Christmas cinema special, the tv series “The Chosen” has announced that a third season of the show is underway.

The tv series, which depicts the life of Jesus, revealed the news on its Twitter account.

“Hey, you did it again! Season 3 is fully funded, and now we begin “pre-production” in January, hoping to film in the Spring. Thanks for helping us create future seasons and episodes and make the show free for those who can’t afford it,” the series wrote on Twitter.

Director of “The Chosen,” Dallas Jenkins, confirmed the news on his Facebook page.

“Well, well, look what you did. Thanks so much for partnering with us. You know who else is thankful? Everyone around the world who watches it free because you paid it forward, plus cast and crew who get to make more episodes and seasons,” he wrote.

His ambition is to create seven seasons.

“The Chosen” is the first tv series about Jesus and his disciples to have more than one season.

“The Chosen” makes it to France

By the end of 2021, “The Chosen” had been watched more than 334 million times and had just premiered in France.

Many of the cast members joined 500 Parisians for the first screening of the tv show at a cinema in the French capital.

In France, the series is broadcasted on Canal+.

“To be on a major network is a first. We love our platform. We love having a free app that is available to the whole world, but to be embraced by Canal+ has been such an honor,” Katherine Warnock, one of the producers of “The Chosen,” said.

The tv series has its own app where viewers can follow every episode, while it is also being shown on the streaming platforms Amazon Prime and Peacock as well as Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Record-breaking Christmas special

While “The Chosen” has already reached millions of people around the world and has been translated into 50 languages, the distributor of the show, Angel Studios, hopes to reach one billion people.

In order to do so, the company is planning on dubbing “The Chosen” in the 25 most spoken languages of the world.

“We cannot reach a billion just in English. So, to reach a billion, we have to unlock more languages,” Angel Studio’s Jared Geesey stated.

The show reached millions of people in December when it premiered its Christmas special in American theaters.

In the first 12 hours of ticket sales, the 90-minutes episode had grossed $1.5 million.

For the first two days following the premiere of “The Chosen’s” Christmas special, the episode took the number one spot at the box office.

Over the premiere weekend, the show reached the fourth place.

These numbers make it Fathom Events’ highest-grossing movie in its 17 years of existence.

As of December 13th, the Christmas special had grossed $13.7 million.

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