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A Popular Actor from the film “The Chosen” Converts to Christianity
Nick Shakoour as "Zebedee" in, The Chosen
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A Popular Actor from the film “The Chosen” Converts to Christianity 

In the Bible-based hit series “The Chosen,” Nick Shakoour, who plays Zebedee, opens up about his faith journey, saying he had never met Jesus until he took the role and was influenced by Christian actors behind the scenes.

The actor said that the series has significantly impacted his life for the better. His character is the father of James and John. Shakoour said that playing the father of James and John in the series caused a significant change in his life.

Director Dallas Jenkins, a self-described evangelical, has been open about hiring Christians and non-Christians for the series’ cast and crew.

Shakoour said he grew up in a Christian environment but never had a personal conversion. “The Chosen” set was influenced by “behind-the-scenes believers” and their “friends” and by “running in their circles and seeking out God through them.”

He went on saying, “It all accumulated to last September, where I was invited to a church conference where the next thing I knew, a bunch of people surrounded me … and laid their hands over me and started praying.”

“And I was able to experience what it was like to experience the Holy Spirit going from outside to in, and it set my body into flames,” Shakoour added.

The experience, he said, was awe-inspiring and he was never the same again from that day on. By the end of that, he felt like a new person.

A construction worker on the set of “The Chosen” prayed for the actor to convert to Christianity

While trying to hold back his tears, Shakoour said, “I literally felt like I was given a brand new body – brand new everything. But since that has happened, I do not have the sensation of hunger, and I do not get thirsty. So now I have got to go out of my way to remind myself to drink water and eat.”

Shakoour later admitted that in the past, he would eat six meals a day for his workouts. “It was like God came and went, ‘No, you do not need all those six meals,’” he explained.

“My mind is blown by what has happened. So, the show has been a blessing and I have loved acting in it. But it has definitely been the conduit that I cannot help but talk about.”

Shakoour later learned that a construction worker on “The Chosen” prayed for the actor to convert to Christianity. Moreover, the construction worker said Bible verses were written on the walls before the sets were painted. As it turns out, the first home they wrote Bible verses in was that of Zebedee.

That construction worker told Shakoour that the whole construction crew got together and prayed for one of the actors to receive the Holy Spirit. They prayed that the same actor would end up being the seed that would spread the gospel.

“Ever since that time, It has been one mind-blowing thing after the next with what has been happening in and outside the show,” Shakoour exclaimed.

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